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Australian reported crime victims since 2010 - dataset

This is a dataset that provides statistics about crimes reported by victims from 2010 to the latest year of available data. It is periodically updated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). The dataset is in MS Excel format.


Bushranger medal, 1849-50

This hand-engraved, 'Long Service and Good Conduct' silver medal was awarded to Sergeant Thomas Quigley for apprehending bushrangers in NSW. On the obverse is a coat of arms consisting of a shield with motifs, a rising sun, a kangaroo and an emu. 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA' is engraved on the scroll below. The text 'NEW SOUTH WALES' ...

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Ned Kelly confronts his judge

How do the lives of Ned Kelly and Redmond Barry reflect the contrasting experiences of those who came to Australia as convicts and free settlers? Kelly was the son of an Irish convict and claimed to be fighting against the injustices of the old world revisited in the new. Barry had arrived in Melbourne as a free Irish immigrant. ...


Scales of Justice, 1983: Playing with fire

This clip, from the television series 'Scales of Justice', shows Detective Inspector Miles (Tim Robertson) in conversation with notorious criminal 'Nipper' Jackson (Tony Barry) aboard Nipper's luxury cruiser, which is moored at a Sydney wharf. The two men discuss a drug consignment. Miles then complains that he is having ...


Rogue nation, 2009: NSW in 1819, convict gulag or place of opportunity?

This clip is an excerpt from the 2009 documentary 'Rites of passage', the second of a two-part series entitled 'Rogue nation'. The clip begins with historian Michael Cathcart providing contextual information about England in the early 1800s. He says that in the midst of the industrial revolution, millions of people were ...


Two convicts steal a place in history, 2009

'Two convicts steal a place in history' is a video excerpt from the documentary 'Rites of Passage' - the second episode of the two-part series entitled 'Rogue Nation' produced in 2009. In this clip, two soldiers in colonial NSW steal a piece of cloth with the intention of getting caught. In 'Rogue Nation' historian Michael ...


William Wentworth: 'currency lad', 2009

This video clip focuses on William Wentworth, the colonial-born son of a convict, destined to become a loud charismatic press baron, publicist, barrister and patriot. 'William Wentworth: "currency lad"' is an excerpt from the documentary 'Rites of Passage' - the second episode of the two-part series entitled 'Rogue Nation' ...

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Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum

This Curriculum aims to support schools and teachers in the promotion of safety for all students. It includes lessons about personal safety and awareness, cyber-safety and telephone safety. The Curriculum is structured sequentially and developmentally across three phases of learning: Prep - Year 2, Years 3 - 6, and Years ...

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The First Fleet: age of convicts - unit of work

Students develop their knowledge of statistical measures, such as mean and median, by examining a dataset about the First Fleet (M007943 'The First Fleet - dataset'). They use the dataset to determine the age of convicts leaving England on the First Fleet, and they construct tables and graphs and complete data investigations. ...

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The First Fleet: cost of crime - unit of work

Students develop their knowledge of summary statistics, such as the mode and median of data sets, by examining a dataset about the First Fleet (M007943 'The First Fleet - dataset'). They use data about the cost of crime to construct tables and graphs, and to complete data investigations. Students complete these activities ...


The Holocaust

This is a collection of 11 digital curriculum resources about the Holocaust - Nazi persecution of Jews before the outbreak of World War II, and the subsequent destruction of Jews and other Europeans by the Nazis during the war. The collection is organised into six categories - the 1935 Nuremberg Laws; killing squads; concentration ...


Portrait of bushranger Martin Cash, c1860

This is a black-and-white portrait photograph of Martin Cash (c1808-77), a notorious Tasmanian bushranger who arrived in Australia as a convict in 1828. This formal portrait photograph, taken by J W Beattie (1859-1930), shows Cash as an older man, sitting dressed in a white shirt, waistcoat and jacket. It may have been ...


The Man Who Stole My Mother's Face, 2003: The rapist label

This clip shows footage of Michael, the son of the documentary's subject, Laura Henkel, and sister of the filmmaker, Cathy Henkel. In an interview, Michael denies blaming his mother for the rape she experienced as a young woman. The film then cuts to his mother, who gives her own perspective on the incident. Cutting back ...


Pioneers of Love, 2005: Across the colour bar

This clip shows Flora Hoolihan and her son Richard speaking about the effects of the Queensland Aboriginal Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act 1897 on Flora's parents, Russian immigrant Leandro Illin and Indigenous woman Kitty Clarke. Re-enacted scenes, archival footage and photographs illustrate the ways ...


Belsen for Example, 1985: Belsen remembered

This clip shows Max, a Jewish survivor of the Belsen concentration camp, looking at black-and-white photographs that were taken at the camp at the time of liberation. The photographs include prisoners with typhus isolated in a 'cage', emaciated figures behind a barbed-wire fence, women crammed into a room with no beds, ...


Belsen for Example, 1985: Concentration camp war trials

This clip shows the Belsen war crimes trial of SS guards from the Belsen concentration camp, held in 1945 in Lüneburg, Germany, before a British military court. The clip uses black-and-white archival newsreel footage that includes commentary and shows military court officials and accused SS guards arriving at the courthouse ...


Paying for the Past, 2000: 'We want an apology'

This clip shows the staff and offices of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany and explores the work of the organisation in seeking restitution for Holocaust survivors from the Second World War, including those who were slave labourers in German industry. Karen Heilig from the Claims Conference makes ...


Paying for the Past, 2000: 'Work or die'

This clip shows that during the Second World War German industry profited from the exploitation of slave and forced labourers, and refers to class action suits that survivors have brought against these companies. It combines voice-over, black-and-white photographs of labourers in factories, interviews with two survivors, ...


Paying for the Past, 2000: 'Victims' justice is going to prevail'

This clip shows German President Rau in 1999 officially apologising to slave and forced labourers used by German industry during the Second World War. The footage also shows two lawyers who negotiated a settlement with the German Government on behalf of surviving labourers commenting on the apology. German lawyer Dr Michael ...


My Mother's Country - Part 1, 2001: Tobacco

This clip shows three women describing the 1928 Coniston massacre in the Northern Territory. They recount stories passed on by older people about a group of white men who pursued and killed Kaytetye, Anmatyerre and Warlpiri people. One woman says her grandfather was placed in chains when he approached the white men to ask ...