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Listed under:  Mathematics  >  Number (Mathematics)  >  Counting

Wombat stew. Integrated program

Inspired by the picture book Wombat Stew, lessons involve children in going on a Wombat walk to collect rubbish, investigating animal habitats, creating an Australian animals alphabet frieze, creating animal number stories, exploring vocabulary, making Wombat soup, discussing safe and unsafe situations, developing a news ...

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Whole numbers level 5: four-digit numbers

This set of online activities focuses on the development and consolidation of number concepts to four digits and beyond. This is the fifth of seven levels in a series focusing on whole numbers to six digits. This level develops ideas about place value, rounding and number notation. Each level includes interactive drills ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: Indonesian section 03: numbers 1-10

This set of interactive activities from the Languages online resource introduces the cardinal numbers one to ten. The activities include pronunciation practice, a song based on counting to ten, matching numbers to their written version and a counting exercise requiring students to write the number of items in words. The ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: Indonesian section 05: numbers 11-20

This set of interactive activities from the Languages online resource introduces the cardinal numbers 11 to 20 and the vocabulary for performing basic sums. Included in the activities is pronunciation practice, a song presenting the vocabulary for addition equations, two counting activities including one using a calculator ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: Indonesian section 10: ordinal numbers 1st to 10th

This set of interactive activities from the Languages online resource introduces Indonesian ordinal numbers from first to tenth. Student activities include a pronunciation drill, a caption-matching exercise with timer, completing simple sentences and labelling the finishing order of a car race to produce an animation. Also ...

Interactive Resource

Languages online: Indonesian section 25: numbers 20-100

This set of 11 interactive activities from the Languages online resource helps students learn the cardinal numbers 20 to 100, and use them to ask and state age, address, distances, phone numbers and how much things weigh. Activities start with simple aural and written recognition of numbers, including pronunciation drills, ...

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Representing numbers 1 to 5

Watch Dodly and Flynn at the monster fair investigating ways of representing the numbers from one to five. Two is a double, such as in a double scoop of ice-cream. Tally marks and 'tri' are used as representations of three, while four monster apples are shown as 3 and 1 or 2 and 2.

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Comparing and classifying

Explore numbers with Flynn and Dodly as they compare their marble collection, dinosaur toys and the noses on Dodly's pictures. Who has more? Who has less? Who has the same? These are questions often asked during an ordinary day. Help Flynn work out how many dinosaurs Dodly has in his bag. Use the clues that Dodly gives Flynn.

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Counting forwards and backwards up to 10

Count with Dodly and Flynn as they count their clay monsters and their toy dinosaur collection. Count a range of animals including kangaroos, butterflies and whales. Even count backwards as they launch a rocket into space.

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Recording numbers

Dodly is trying to keep count of the number of sheep in the backyard. Flynn helps Dodly to keep count by representing the numbers in different ways. They use models, drawings, strokes and numerals to keep count. Also discover the ways different cultures have recorded numbers.

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Representing numbers 6-10

Dodly and Flynn meet while Flynn is building a model volcano. They count snails and toy dinosaurs and show different ways to represent each of the numbers from six to ten through writing, drawing or sharing between two groups. The Super Seven and others also help out.

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Counting backwards by ones

Watch a magician and his trusty helpers do a magic trick. Join the audience as they count down from ten to see what happens with the magic hanky and magic umbrella.

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Counting pirate treasure

Watch as a stingy pirate captain counts out wages in 'pieces of eight' (gold coins) for one of his crew. Watch as the pirate captain takes away pieces of eight for what he calls 'deductions'. See how much gold the crew member walks away with!

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Help the referee count to ten

Watch this skit about a boxing match. Help the referee count to ten as he tries to remember what number comes next in the count. Can you count to ten starting from one?

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Count the amazing flying machines

Do you want to fly like a bird? How would you do that? See eight strange flying machines from the past. Watch to see if they fly or crash. Count along with each flying machine, from one to eight. The name of each number is on the screen to help you.

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Count along with an eight-step magic trick

Watch a magician perform a magic trick with eight steps. Count each step. Find out what happens in the last step, step eight. Something is supposed to vanish. Do you think it will? Find out.

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The number 20 song

Sing along with this clip to help you count to twenty. Count the number of children running. Count the number of stars. After singing along you will be great at counting to 20!

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The Number 12 Song

Can you count to twelve? Count along in this clip. See if you can spot the number twelve. How many times do you see it?

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Street steppin'

Can you count to eight? Dance along with these street dancers as they step out a dance to count to eight. How good are your dance moves?

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12 ladybugs on a picnic

Can you count to twelve? Count along from one to twelve as the twelve ladybugs play games while on a picnic. Count how many times you see the number twelve. Also look at the different ways the ladybugs are grouped to make twelve.