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Listed under:  Science  >  Matter  >  Properties of matter  >  Density  >  Buoyancy

Water shoes designed by Lawrence Hargrave, 1870

These are reproduction water shoes or skis designed by Lawrence Hargrave in 1870 to enable the wearer to walk on water. The shoes are hollow, timber and boat-shaped. Eight wooden square boards are hinged to the sole of each shoe and fold parallel to the sole to allow unimpeded forward motion of the shoes. The boards are ...

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Make a lava lamp model using oil and water

Imagine making your very own lava lamp using materials from your kitchen and bathroom. Watch the Surfing Scientist team show you how it can be done, then try and figure out why it works.

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Why does a grapefruit float?

Why does a grapefruit float when it's skin is on, but sink when it's skin is removed? Watch these young scientists perform an experiment with grapefruit in water and discover the connection between grapefruit skin and life jackets.

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Balance is a matter of ballast

Have you seen large ships that carry shipping containers as cargo? In this clip we show you how these ships use ballast to help them balance their load. Find out what ballast is and how it stops a ship from sinking. Also see the massive engines on these big cargo ships.

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Secondary science: visual representations

These seven learning activities, which focus on 'visual representations' using a variety of tools (software) and devices (hardware), illustrate the ways in which content, pedagogy and technology can be successfully and effectively integrated in order to promote learning. In the activities, teachers assist students to understand ...

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Primary Connections: Push-pull

This comprehensive teacher resource explores pushes and pulls through a series of collaborative inquiry-based learning activities. Observations and evidence are gathered about how these forces(pushes and pulls) act in air and water, and on the ground, and the effect of the pull of gravity is covered. Eight structured lessons ...

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Backyard Science: forces

This resource, including student videos, provide opportunities for students to identify types of forces, determine whether forces are balanced or unbalanced and compare water and air resistance. They will conduct an investigation into the relationship between friction and different types of surfaces. Students will design, ...