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Full-scale pattern for Leyland P76 automobile body, c1970

This is a panel checking fixture, or full-scale pattern, of a Leyland P76 automobile. It was constructed from metal and wood by a contractor to the Leyland Motor Corporation of Australia in England in about 1970.


Ford Falcon XP car, 1965-66

This is a Ford Falcon XP, Deluxe Fordomatic 3S, five-passenger, four-door sedan, made by the Ford Motor Company of Australia in 1965. The car is completely sectioned (layers have been cut away) to show details of the internal construction and workings of the vehicle.


Female mechanic with Honda motorcycle, 1975

This is an image of a female motor mechanic dressed in overalls and working on a motorcycle in a large automotive workshop. It comes from a black-and-white photographic negative and is part of the Laurie Richards Collection of commercial photographs at Museum Victoria. The negative's dimensions are: height 10.0 cm x width 10.3 cm.


These American Tourists Leave Melbourne After Breakfast, c1926: Aircraft workshop

This silent black-and-white clip shows home-movie footage of DH50A biplanes being built by Qantas airlines in Longreach, Queensland, and US tourists embarking on a flight. In the first scene a series of pan shots and dissolves reveals a hangar where men make timber parts such as wing frames and assemble the aircraft. A ...


Building a Railway Engine, c1925: Building the 'iron horse'

This 1926 silent black-and-white clip shows steps in the assembly of a steam engine at the Islington railway engine construction and repair plant in Adelaide. The cylindrical steam boiler is shown being lowered as workers below guide it onto its frame. The clip then shows men attaching and tightening bolts by hand. An intertitle ...


General Motors Holden - Holden's Got More Horses, 1966

This clip shows a 1966 black-and-white television advertisement for the General Motors-Holden's HR sedan. In the clip a man leaves a suburban home and drives an HR sedan in mountainous terrain. The car and road are shown from various angles, intercut with shots of galloping wild horses. The upbeat soundtrack is punctuated ...


General Motors Holden - FE Holden: The Average Man, 1956

This black-and-white clip shows a television advertisement for the 1956 Holden FE sedan. A male General Motors-Holden's (GMH) representative describes the three-year design and manufacture process involved in developing the new Holden. His voice-over accompanies scenes of a life-sized plastic model of a male driver used ...


Snowy Mountains Base Workshop, 1954

This is a black-and-white photograph of cars, utilities and trucks inside the large Base Workshop for the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme. About two dozen trucks, cars and utilities are angle-parked in two lines down the length of the building, which has large windows on one side. Another part of the building can ...


WAAAF members performing maintenance on RAAF aeroplane, 1943

This posed black-and-white photograph shows two members of the Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force (WAAAF) cleaning and overhauling an aeroplane at the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) base at Pearce in Western Australia during the Second World War. The women are elegantly posed and working cooperatively with fine tools ...