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Listed under:  Arts  >  Media arts  >  Photography  >  Astronomical photography

Horsehead nebula

This is a colour photograph of a gas- and dust-filled region in the constellation Orion. Dark material, resembling a horse's head chess piece, is silhouetted in contrast to the upper backdrop of a soft pink-red glow, from where wispy filaments stream out. A bright pink-yellow region at lower left spotlights contorted dark ...


Total lunar eclipse

This is an overlapping slightly tilted (lower at left) and linear series of colour exposures of the full Moon at night during a total lunar eclipse. The nine symmetrically timed images clearly outline a circular dark central region about 2.5 Moon diameters wide, encompassing three coppery-red full Moon discs. The central ...


South celestial pole and the Anglo-Australian Telescope

This is an unguided south-facing long-exposure colour photograph of star trails at night, taken from the site of the Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT). A background of uninterrupted narrow concentric arcs of light of unequal length and brightness proclaim an imaginary centre above the local horizon. Most trails appear white, ...