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Boys in front of Nissen huts at Nunawading Migrant Hostel, 1958-59

This is a black-and-white photograph showing teenager Michael Clarke and a friend leaning against a tree in front of Nissen huts at the Nunawading Migrant Hostel.


Video of curator Moya McFadzean talking about Caroline Chisholm's scrapbook

This is a video of Museum Victoria curator Moya McFadzean speaking about Caroline Chisholm's scrapbook. She also talks about scrapbooks in general and Caroline Chisholm's work with young British women immigrating to Australia. The video is about 8 minutes long.


Irish immigrant Martha Bergin's quilt, 1843

This video features curator Deb Tout Smith talking about a quilt in Museum Victoria's collection made in 1843 by Martha Bergin, an Irish immigrant. The curator also discusses Martha's life in some detail. The video contains several still images that help to set the historical scene in which the quilt existed. The video's ...


Wlochowitz family: migrants to Australia, 1950s

This is a collection of primary-source documents about post-Second World War migrants Roman and Rosa Wlochowitz and their family, who came to Australia from Germany in the 1950s. It is introduced by the medical information form, seen here, for their three daughters, Christel, Gudrun and Monika. This form is part of a National ...


Migration of displaced persons to Australia, 1947-53

This collection of 20 resources focuses on over 170,000 European refugees who came to Australia between 1947 and 1953. It is organised in four categories - the Displaced Persons' program; concentration camp survivors; what people brought with them; arriving in Australia; and new lives in Australia. The collection includes ...


Cablegram from High Commission regarding assisted passage scheme, 1967

This is a three-page confidential cablegram sent on 24 August 1967 to the Australian Department of Immigration by chief migration officer George Kiddle at the Australian High Commission in London. In the dispatch, Kiddle asserts that he was misquoted in a newspaper column that appeared the same day in London's Daily Mirror. ...


'A sister to assist her!' - assisted migration cartoon, 1937

This is a black-and-white cartoon about the efforts of Joseph Lyons's United Australia Party government (1932-39) to increase the population of Australia. It shows two storks - symbols of fertility and prosperity - delivering babies, both labelled 'TO / AUSTRALIA'. The stork on the left is labelled 'CONTROLLED MIGRATION' ...


British migration to Australia in the 20th century

This is a collection of digital curriculum resources focusing on British immigration to Australia from the 1920s to the 1960s. It is organised into five categories - British migration in the interwar years; British migration after the Second World War; British migration in the 1950s; British migration in the 1960s; and ...


Italian migration to Australia in the 20th century

This is a collection of digital curriculum resources focusing on Italian immigration to Australia from the 1920s to the 1980s. It is organised into five categories - Italian migration before the Second World War; arriving in Australia in the post-War years; marriage and family life in Australia; Italian Australians in the ...


Migrant family arrives in Sydney

This is a photograph taken in 1968 of a man and a woman in discussion with two men, presumably customs officers, in Sydney. There is a large pile of luggage, including steamer trunks, labelled L T Adams. A young boy waits apparently patiently but uninterested while his parents attend to official matters. Other people can ...


Southern Cross migration poster, 1928

This is a coloured red, white and blue poster encouraging Britons to migrate to Australia. It is divided into three boxes. In the top box, on the left-hand side is a drawing of the stars of the Southern Cross with their name below.


Arriving in Australia from Poland in 1949

This is a recording of an interview with Antoni Suryak, made in 2001. He describes the desolation of the migrants' camp at Bathurst in 1949, and being separated from his wife and daughter when he went to work in the steelworks at Port Kembla in New South Wales. He describes his pay and explains how it was not enough for ...


Accommodation for newly arrived immigrants, 1950-79

This is the interior view of a re-created Nissen hut of the type that provided temporary accommodation for hundreds of thousands of immigrants newly arrived in Adelaide, South Australia, between the 1950s and 1970s. The louvred window, table and bed are from a Nissen hut at the former Pennington Hostel. This re-creation ...


Passport, c1950s, and identity card, 1946

These are an identity card and a page from a passport in the name of Maria Walla. The identity card is printed on buff card with the words 'Valid only in Austria' and 'Identity Card' in German, English, French and Russian. Issued on 18 April 1946, it measures 10.3 cm x 14.7 cm. The passport page is overprinted on a background ...


Apprenticeship agreement, c1920s

This is an apprenticeship agreement made out for George Henry Doxey in 1923. The document is in black ink on yellowed paper but details have been typed in using carbon paper. The agreement has been folded into eight sections and shows signs of wear. The document measures 34.2 cm x 43.0 cm, bears the South Australian Government ...


Children's menus from P and O liner 'Arcadia', 1955

This is a collection of three coloured, illustrated children's dinner menus. They come from a set of 12 used on the P and O ship 'Arcadia', which brought European migrants to Australia in May 1955. Each menu illustrates a different scene from a well-known children's story. The scenes shown in the image are (from left to ...


Female emigrants bound for Australia, 1834

This hand-coloured lithograph, measuring 36.0 cm x 22.7 cm and consisting of seven panels of an original ten, depicts in cartoon form the deprivations suffered by single women migrating to Australia in the 1830s. Titled 'FEMALE EMIGRATION!', the scenes follow the story of the women leaving Britain, their rough crossing ...


Caroline Chisholm's scrapbook, c1843-61

This is a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings, public notices and flyers compiled by Caroline Chisholm or, more likely, someone close to her from about 1843 until 1861. Several pages can scrolled through, including advertisements for meetings and family reunion and articles on Chisholm's work and on the Family Colonization ...

Interactive Resource

Bound for South Australia 1836: 19th-century emigrants' sea voyages to Australia

This section of the website 'Bound for South Australia 1836' contains a brief written description of a typical voyage to Australia as experienced by assisted migrants on sailing ships leaving London. It begins with the migrants' decision about when to leave home to meet the ship and ends with their feelings at the close ...

Teacher resource

Chinese migrants and the Gold Rush

Throughout the 1800s Chinese migrated to colonial Australia to try their luck on the goldfields. This Look to Learn activity enables you to explore what life was like for the Chinese migrants through primary sources from this period.