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Oil tank in Darwin burning after Japanese attack, 1943

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken in Darwin on 15 March 1943, showing an oil tank burning fiercely after being bombed during a Japanese air raid. Large clouds of black smoke billow up from the burning tank. In the foreground a group of seven Australian military personnel are bunched behind an asbestos shield to ...


Migrant hostel laundry, 1975

This is a colour photograph taken on 2 July 1975 of an unidentified woman from the former Yugoslavia washing clothes by hand in a stainless steel sink in the communal laundry room of the Midway migrant hostel in the western Melbourne suburb of Maidstone. In the foreground is a large gas-fired 'copper' used for boiling washing.


An exhibition home made of fibrolite, c1930s

This is a black-and-white photograph of the exterior of an exhibition home made of fibrolite (fibro-cement) that was constructed by James Hardie and Co Ltd (now known as James Hardie Industries). The street outside the home is crowded with people, some of whom have come to view the fibrolite home. The photograph measures ...


Radium Hill, 1962 - asset 3

This is a clip taken from near the end of an item about an abandoned uranium mining town that featured in the weekly episode of the black-and-white newsreel Cinesound Review released to cinemas on 21 June 1962. The clip opens with a scene of closed houses and empty streets as the commentator declares that this was a modern ...


Four Corners - Blue Death, 1988: It could have been avoided

This clip shows, through black-and-white archival film and photographs and colour interviews, the dangers of asbestos exposure and that asbestos-related illness and death could have been avoided in Australia. The early scenes show the covers of medical reports from 1898, 1930 and 1955, superimposed on images of workers ...


Four Corners - Blue Death, 1988: A family tragedy

This clip shows Valerie Doyle pointing out the photographs of members of her family who lived in Wittenoom, Western Australia, and who have since died from asbestos-related diseases. The toll begins with her mother and stepfather, who died in 1975 and 1970 respectively, and continues with her husband in 1978 and her brother-in-law ...