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Listed under:  Arts  >  Art movements  >  Modern art  >  Art Deco

Bakelite Airzone mantle radio, 1938

This is an Airzone model 5057 'Symphony Leader' radio receiver. The radio cabinet is in a brown bakelite 'tombstone' form with a large circular frequency dial and four brown knobs below the dial. The speaker grille has three segments, which are outlined with rigid, white plastic fittings. Brown-and-white speckled fabric ...


A dance in 1923

This is a still taken from the 1923 Australian silent movie, 'The dingo'. It shows five couples dancing.


Health stamps poster

This is a full-colour poster (57 cm x 44.5 cm) featuring an illustration of children playing at the beach. In the foreground, a boy with a spade at his side stands by a heap of sand he has dug, flexing his arm muscles. Two girls and another boy, all dressed in swimwear, are looking at the central figure. Across the bottom ...


Filming the main street of Armidale, mid-1950s

This is a black-and-white photograph of a man about to film from the roof of an FJ Holden panel van that is travelling down Beardy Street, the main street of Armidale in regional New South Wales. Beardy Street is festooned with bunting and coloured lights, perhaps in celebration of the annual Autumn Festival. The photo ...


A Nation is Built, 1938: Sydney - 'the Empire's second greatest white city'

This black-and-white clip shows Sydney in 1938, using a montage of images to represent it as a bustling, vibrant city. Shots of the central business district show its mix of colonial and modern architecture, and Art Deco buildings such as the City Mutual Life Building. Included are glimpses of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, ...


'Music', 1928

This linocut print shows five stylised nudes - a pianist and four dancers - bending and swaying wildly to the rhythms of the music. The patterns made by their outstretched ochre bodies interact with bands of red, blue and green that sweep from several directions in arcs across the page to produce a dynamic and decorative ...


Camp-Berlei Foundation Garments, c1927: Modelling fashion

This tinted silent clip dating from the 1920s is part of a film promoting Camp-Berlei foundation garments. It opens with models posing in high-fashion garments and reveals some of the hairstyles, accessories and fashion trends of the time. Each model and outfit is introduced by an intertitle that supplies information on ...