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Listed under:  Science  >  Life  >  Living things  >  Eukaryotes  >  Animals  >  Invertebrates  >  Arthropods  >  Arachnids

Black rock scorpion

This is an information sheet on the black rock scorpion ('Urodacus manicatus') with description, distribution and biology.


Little marbled scorpion

This is an information sheet describing the little marbled scorpion ('Lychas marmoreus'), its distribution, and the little that is known of its biology.


Southern or wood scorpion, 'Cercophonius squama'

This is an information sheet on a particular southern or wood scorpion, 'Cercophonius squama', featuring description, distribution and biology.


Victoria's huntsman spiders

This is an information sheet on the three types of huntsman spiders found in Victoria. It contains descriptions, information on habitat and biology, and images.


Victorian funnel-web spider

This is an information sheet on the Victorian funnel-web spider ('Hadronyche modesta').


Red-back spider

This is an information sheet on the red-back spider ('Latrodectus hasseltii').


White-tailed spider

This is an information sheet on the white-tailed spider ('Lampona cylindrata').


Maternal behaviour of wolf spiders

This is an information sheet describing the maternal behaviour of wolf spiders (Family Lycosidae).


Melbourne trapdoor spider

This is an information sheet on the Melbourne trapdoor spider ('Stanwellia').


Victorian spiders

This website provides information about spiders commonly found in and around homes and gardens throughout Victoria, Australia.


Spider's parlour

This website provides fascinating facts, frequently asked questions and activities about spiders from Melbourne and elsewhere. It also includes a Tarantula web-cam.

Moving Image

Silk of spectacular spiders

Discover what makes spiders so spectacular in this award-winning clip about the feeding habits, adaptations, and physical features of spiders. See close-up footage of spiders weaving their webs, catching their prey, and sheltering in their retreats. Brandon Gifford entered this video in the 2013 Sleek Geeks Eureka Science ...



This collection of 24 digital curriculum resources is organised into categories of insects, arachnids, centipedes and crustaceans, with descriptions of their sometimes bizarre body features and behaviours in a category titled body structure and adaptations. Colour photographs, scientific illustrations and close-up microscope ...


Forest wolf spider

The photograph is of a forest wolf spider sitting on a large dry leaf on the ground. The features on its head include eight eyes and two fangs. Its eight legs are stretched out ready to hunt prey or to flee from a predator.


Soil mite

This is a colour photomicrograph of a soil mite showing its head, body and appendages. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda; Class: Arachnida; Order: Oribatida.)


Animal weapons: Sydney funnel web spider

This is a colour clip showing the Sydney funnel web spider ('Atrax robustus'), the world's most venomous spider, in a forest habitat, where it is seen attacking and killing an insect. The clip explores the mystery of the male spider's deadly venom. It also shows the mating behaviour of funnel web spiders, which sees males ...


Animal Olympians: bolas spider

This is a clip showing a bolas spider luring, capturing and eating its moth prey. The narrator describes the bolas spider as a champion hammer thrower, and night footage includes close-up images of the spider, its bolas (or silken thread), egg sacs and spiderlings. The clip concludes with the emergence of young spiderlings ...


Funnel web spider

This is a colour photograph of a male funnel web spider, displaying the spurs on the second pair of legs. (Classification - Phylum: Arthropoda, Class: Arachnida, Order: Araneida, Family: Hexathelidae.)

Teacher resource


This is a unit of inquiry made up of 12 learning sequences for year F in the English for the Australian Curriculum resource. Each learning sequence contains a series of resources, suggested activities to carry out with students and a post-activity reflection. This unit examines patterns in literature and language, with ...

Interactive Resource

EnviroNorth: savanna walkabout

This is an interactive website about Australia's savannas. It has four main sections providing information about where tropical savannas are located across the world; the importance of termites in Australia's tropical savannas ecosystem; the lifecycle of the termite; and the research being conducted in Australia's savannas. ...