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On one side there are a creator's rights and on the other the development of culture through building on other's ideas. A range of laws try to keep these often conflicting demands in balance. Professor Lawrence Lessig is co-founder of creative commons, a non-profit organisation that enables copyright owners to allow the ...


Mimi, 2002: Investing in the unknown

This clip, taken from the beginning of the short feature 'Mimi', shows Catherine (Sophie Lee) at an art auction, where she successfully bids for two Indigenous artworks, a Mimi spirit sculpture and a painting of a barramundi fish. Credits for the film are cleverly included within the auction catalogue that Catherine is ...


Mimi, 2002: Do you know any 'real Aborigines'?

This clip shows Catherine (Sophie Lee) terrified by a Mimi sculpture that has come to life in her apartment. Catherine is shown surveying the bloodlike tracks that have appeared on the walls. Clearly frightened, she grabs a kitchen knife and tries to dial emergency services. She then confronts the Mimi but it remains inanimate. ...