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Male retail employees serving customers at a hardware store, 1950-60

This is a black-and-white image from the original negative depicting a group of male retail workers serving customers at the counter of a hardware store. Various goods are displayed around the store, including cookware, gardening equipment and basketry. At left is a man behind a large wooden counter who appears to be serving ...


Gas and Fuel Corporation window display, 1972

This is a colour image from the original negative depicting a display window at the Gas and Fuel showrooms promoting a range of Malleys 'Envoy' gas stoves. A mannequin is at the centre of the display, with a giant briefcase forming the backdrop. The image is part of the Laurie Richards Collection of commercial photographs ...


Product catalogue for household appliances, Chandler's hardware stores, c1955

This is a colour brochure promoting household appliances sold by Chandler's hardware stores in Melbourne and regional Victoria. The five-fold brochure is in yellow, blue and white. The dimensions of the unfolded brochure are: width 470 mm, height 650 mm, page size 240 mm x 200 mm.

Interactive resource

Home appliances

This is a slideshow resource showing five home appliances from the past. They include an ice chest from the 1930s, an electric refrigerator from the 1920s and three very different washing machines from the 1880s, 1920s or 30s, and 1940s-50s. Onscreen text explains how the appliances worked. Each screen can be printed.


Sunbeam Mixmaster MX001, 1987

This is a Sunbeam Mixmaster MX001 manufactured by Sunbeam Corporation in Australia in 1987. It comprises a white moulded plastic stand, a leverable arm, a black plastic detachable turntable, a heat-resistant glass mixing bowl, a square chrome-plated beater and an oval chrome-plated beater. Other accessories in the set, ...


Heat pump hot water system, 2001

This is a 'Turbo Compact Eyre, 270 litre' heat pump hot water system manufactured in 2001 by Quantum Energy, Australia. The tank has a cross-section cut out of it by the manufacturer to show its internal workings while on display at an exhibition. The unit is made from steel, glass, aluminium, copper, plastic and polyurethane ...


Mixmaster Compact food mixer, c2002-03

This is a Mixmaster Compact food mixer with packaging and instructions, manufactured from plastic and metal by Sunbeam Corporation. It features a combined removable handmixer with separately powered stand. The food mixer has two motors (one in the removable handmixer and a second driving the rotating bowl). There are no ...


Sunbeam Mixmaster Professional MX8800, 2003-04

This is a red-and-silver Sunbeam Mixmaster Professional MX8800 manufactured by Sunbeam Corporation, China, 2003-04. It is a fully die-cast stand mixer, and includes large and small stainless-steel mixing bowls (only one bowl is shown here). It also comes with three types of beaters (only one type is shown here).


Sunbeam Café-series four-slice toaster, 2004

This is a stainless-steel and die-castmetal Sunbeam Café-series toaster manufactured by Sunbeam Corporation, China, in 2004. At the top are four wide bread slots. On one of the long sides, there are two levers and two browning knobs with numbers from one to six printed on them. There are also two pairs of buttons labelled ...


Concept sketch for Breville 800 Class Citrus Press, 2003

This is an early concept sketch of a Breville 800 Class Citrus Press, pencil on paper by designer Keith Hensel at Breville Design - Housewares International, New South Wales, 2003.


Juicing cone prototype for Breville 800-class citrus press, 2003

This is a white plastic prototype of the juicing cone or reamer for the Breville 800-class citrus press manufactured from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) by Breville Design - Housewares International, New South Wales.


SunFX spray-tanning gun, 2004

This is a SunFX professional spray-tanning gun manufactured by SunFX International in New South Wales in 2004. It is made from white plastic and metal. A silver logo with the text 'SunFX' in raised lettering is on the side of the applicator near the nozzle. A silver trigger button is located inside the handle.


Portable black-and-white television, 1969

This is an AWA 17-inch (43.2-cm) portable black-and-white television receiver in a two-piece plastic case. It was manufactured by Amalgamated Wireless (Australasia), Sydney. It features a large thumbwheel channel selector and twin telescopic metal aerials. It is Wedgewood-blue and pale olive-green in colour. At the rear ...


Tin-plate toy refrigerator, c1955

This is a pink toy refrigerator, manufactured from tin plate by Exelo, Japan, around 1955. It is 25 cm high, 13 cm wide and 13 cm deep.


Kriesler 'Playtime' transistor radio, 1960

This is a 1960 Kriesler Playtime portable transistor radio with accessories and original packaging. The radio has a grey-edged plastic frame and a nylon mesh front. A large clear-plastic tuning dial sits on the front right, has a gold-effect central knob and displays state radio frequencies. The radio is displayed on a ...


John Danks and Son product catalogue, c1900

This is a booklet promoting household appliances sold by John Danks and Son Pty Ltd stores in Melbourne and Sydney. It consists of 16 pages of illustrated products, with a grey cardboard cover. The front cover features a line drawing of a woman wearing an apron and standing at a Lux stove. The back cover features a list ...


Publicity brochure for Frigidaire domestic refrigerators, 1950

This item is a 1950 brochure printed in Australia advertising 'Frigidaire' brand electric refrigerators. It is titled 'Your New Frigidaire Built and Backed by General Motors With Money-Saving Meter-Miser'. The brochure is one sheet folded in half and printed in several colours including blue, mustard and black on a white ...


Publicity brochure for Frigidaire domestic refrigerators, 1938

This is a colour brochure dating from 1938 that advertises the 'Frigidaire' brand electric refrigerators made by General Motors-Holden Ltd. Titled 'Frigidaire - Better than ever before!' the brochure features a white and blue background with black text and black-and-white photographs. The front features a hand-tinted photograph. ...


User manual for the 'Cold Flame' kerosene domestic refrigerator, c1950

This is a 32-page brochure dating from the 1940-50s, providing instructions for the installation, operation and maintenance of the 'Cold Flame' kerosene domestic refrigerator manufactured by Charles Hope Ltd. It also includes recipes. The brochure format is: width 180 mm, depth 5 mm, heigh: 240 mm, page size: 180 x 240 mm.


Male manufacturing employees wiring up television picture tubes, 1974

This is a black-and-white image of two male manufacturing workers wiring up television picture tubes at an electrical appliance factory. They are working on either side of a low table, which has a raised and tilted set of shelves sitting on it. A portable television sits in the backgound behind the men. A box of unwired ...