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Listed under:  Appliances

Product catalogue for household appliances, Chandler's hardware stores, c1955

This is a colour brochure promoting household appliances sold by Chandler's hardware stores in Melbourne and regional Victoria. The five-fold brochure is in yellow, blue and white. The dimensions of the unfolded brochure are: width 470 mm, height 650 mm, page size 240 mm x 200 mm.


Make it go: energy source: assessment

Find out what you know about energy and what makes things work. Match a machine to its use and identify what makes it go. Answer true/false questions to show what you know about types of energy. View and print a report on your work. This assessment object is one in a series of two objects.


Reverse engineering

This series of short videos from Khan Academy deconstruct and explain the way household items are designed and how they work including a digital alarm clock radio, a coffee maker, a tap light (a toggle switch light), a hair dryer, a DVD player, a universal remote and a digital camera.


Kriesler 'Playtime' transistor radio, 1960

This is a 1960 Kriesler Playtime portable transistor radio with accessories and original packaging. The radio has a grey-edged plastic frame and a nylon mesh front. A large clear-plastic tuning dial sits on the front right, has a gold-effect central knob and displays state radio frequencies. The radio is displayed on a ...


Mixmaster Compact food mixer, c2002-03

This is a Mixmaster Compact food mixer with packaging and instructions, manufactured from plastic and metal by Sunbeam Corporation. It features a combined removable handmixer with separately powered stand. The food mixer has two motors (one in the removable handmixer and a second driving the rotating bowl). There are no ...


Vicki Colegrave cooking in newly renovated kitchen, Ferntree Gully, 1973

This black-and-white photograph features Vicki Colegrave cooking at the stove of her newly renovated kitchen in Ferntree Gully in 1973. The photograph was collected as part of Museum Victoria's Melbourne's Biggest Family Album project in 2006.


Sunbeam Mixmaster MX001, 1987

This is a Sunbeam Mixmaster MX001 manufactured by Sunbeam Corporation in Australia in 1987. It comprises a white moulded plastic stand, a leverable arm, a black plastic detachable turntable, a heat-resistant glass mixing bowl, a square chrome-plated beater and an oval chrome-plated beater. Other accessories in the set, ...


Ice chest - Tyanko (manufacturer), Old Lolly Shop, Carlton North, c1939

This is an ice chest, made by Tyanko about 1939, and used at the Old Lolly Shop, in Carlton North. It is 42 cm long, 60.5 cm wide and 104 cm high, and is part of the Old Lolly Shop Collection at Museum Victoria.


Juicing cone prototype for Breville 800-class citrus press, 2003

This is a white plastic prototype of the juicing cone or reamer for the Breville 800-class citrus press manufactured from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) by Breville Design - Housewares International, New South Wales.


Pie warmer - Old Lolly Shop, Carlton North, 1939-75

This is a gas-fired metal pie warmer with four shelves, used at the Old Lolly Shop in Rathdowne Street, Carlton North. The pie warmer is part of the Old Lolly Shop Collection at Museum Victoria. It is 57.00 cm long, 50.00 cm wide and 58.00 cm high.


SunFX spray-tanning gun, 2004

This is a SunFX professional spray-tanning gun manufactured by SunFX International in New South Wales in 2004. It is made from white plastic and metal. A silver logo with the text 'SunFX' in raised lettering is on the side of the applicator near the nozzle. A silver trigger button is located inside the handle.


Female employees in electrical appliance factory, 1971

This is a black-and-white image focusing on female factory workers producing fluorescent light fittings an electrical appliance factory while several men inspect the work done. Packaged fittings are also visible. This image is part of the Laurie Richards Collection of commercial photographs at Museum Victoria. The dimensions ...


Concept sketch for Breville 800 Class Citrus Press, 2003

This is an early concept sketch of a Breville 800 Class Citrus Press, pencil on paper by designer Keith Hensel at Breville Design - Housewares International, New South Wales, 2003.


Sunbeam Mixmaster Professional MX8800, 2003-04

This is a red-and-silver Sunbeam Mixmaster Professional MX8800 manufactured by Sunbeam Corporation, China, 2003-04. It is a fully die-cast stand mixer, and includes large and small stainless-steel mixing bowls (only one bowl is shown here). It also comes with three types of beaters (only one type is shown here).


'Save water and be rewarded' brochure, Department of Sustainability and Environment, 2002

This is a brochure published by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment in 2002. Its cover features a large statement, 'Save water and be rewarded' and a close-up photograph of clear, splashing water taken at eye-level. The brochure gives details of government rebates on approved water conservation products ...


Leaflet - 'Great ways to save water in your home', Yarra Valley Water, 2002

This is a two-sided leaflet published by Yarra Valley Water in 2002 and distributed to householders with their water bill. The title of one side of the leaflet is 'Great ways to save water in your home'. This page discusses the main kinds of water use in a typical home, giving for usage type the usual yearly percentage ...


Water tank, LUMI brand, c2005

This is a blue 'LUMI' brand water tank, manufactured by Full Tank. Its capacity is 300 litres and its components include casing, lights and taps. It is part of the Water Smart Home Collection at Museum Victoria, and is 6740 mm wide, 11630 mm high and 610 mm in diameter.


Brochure - 'Save water around your home and garden', Yarra Valley Water, 2001

This is a folded brochure published by Yarra Valley Water in 2001 and distributed to householders with their water bill. Its front page bears the title 'Save water around your home and garden', accompanied by a red, catalogue-style 'NEW! Water Efficiency Appraisal' banner. This item is part of the Water Smart Home Collection ...