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Siege of the South, 1931: Main Base, Commonwealth Bay

This black-and-white clip filmed and narrated by Frank Hurley shows the visit in 1929 to the abandoned Main Base Hut at Cape Denison on Commonwealth Bay in Antarctica by an expedition led by Sir Douglas Mawson. Outside the hut Mawson is shown brewing a billy, while his crew force ice off the front door. The interior of ...


Mascot costumes, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

This is a suite of three mascot costumes that were designed in about 1997 by Matthew Hatton to promote the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The mascots are 'Syd' (a platypus), 'Olly' (a kookaburra) and 'Millie' (an echidna). Each costume consists of a cast foam head covered with synthetic fur and stretch fabric, a body made from ...


Prawn on a bicycle costume, Sydney 2000 Olympic Games

This is a performance costume in the shape of a prawn that was designed by John King for use in the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The prawn is made from red polyethylene foam wrapped around an aluminium frame that is bolted to a silver mountain bike. There is a padded frame inside the prawn suit to ...


'The Debussy Quartet in G', 1937

This is a black-and-white photograph made in 1937 by Max Dupain (1911-92). It is a fantasy, dream-like image made up of sections of flower forms and the body of a young woman, and measures 41.5 cm x 30.5 cm.


'Follow the sun', 1938 - asset 3

This is an excerpt from a black-and-white documentary with soundtrack entitled 'Follow the sun'. It was made on the Great Barrier Reef, off Queensland, by Australian filmmaker Frank Hurley in 1938. The clip opens with a number of short, inter-cut shots of birds and chicks in nests and on the ground. These are followed by ...


The Cars That Ate Paris, 1974: 'We're keeping him'

This clip shows Len Keeley (John Meillon), the Mayor of Paris, New South Wales, introducing himself to Arthur Waldo (Terry Camilleri), who was travelling towards the town when the car he was driving slid off the road, killing his brother. Len and Arthur lead Arthur's brother's funeral procession to the local rural cemetery ...


Loggerheads, c1990: Forest justification

This clip shows environmentalist Bill Mollison explaining why he believes it is important to conserve Australia's forests. Mollison, a former timber industry worker and now a leading advocate of permaculture, argues that forests create soil, purify the air and play a vital role in the water cycle and the prevention of drought. ...


Lobster tales, 1998: Life stages of the lobster

This clip shows a female western rock lobster cleaning her eggs while contending with the parasites and barnacles that cover her shell. When the eggs have hatched, the larvae emerge. They swim to the surface current and are swept hundreds of kilometres out to sea. Those that survive return over a year later as juvenile lobsters.


Happy Feet, 2006: 'It just ain't penguin'

This animated clip opens with a colony of Emperor penguins singing as they wait for the winter to end. It shows the arrival of spring in Antarctica with the first rays of sunshine and the breaking of ice as it thaws, followed by the hatching of Emperor penguin chicks and the first dancing steps taken by Mumble when he finally ...


Babe, 1995: 'Make them feel inferior'

This clip shows Babe (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh), a young pig attempting to prove to top dog Rex (voiced by Hugo Weaving) that he can be a 'sheepdog'. Gently tutored by the motherly sheepdog Fly (voiced by Miriam Margolyes), Babe applies established sheep-herding practices by bullying the sheep, only to fail. With some ...

Interactive Resource

Ethical stories collection

This is an Android app containing 10 stories in which a moral is drawn, a lesson learnt or good behaviour identified. Many of the stories are adaptions into English for children of tales that appear in the Hindu Panchatantra, an ancient Sanskrit collection of stories about the proper way to live, or in the Jatakas, a Sanskrit ...

Teacher resource

The Power of the Pen - creating impactful texts

This is an interactive and engaging lesson aimed at developing a student’s ability to maximise the evocative nature of their fictional texts. This is an introduction into the use of advanced literary and poetic devices and the immediate responses they conjure in the minds of readers. Students will take away from this a ...