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Sheet music cover for 'White Australia', 1910

This is the front cover of sheet music for a song called 'White Australia'. The music was composed by W E Naunton and the lyrics written by Naunton and H J W Gyles. The cover includes an image of a white map of Australia. Text inside the map reads in part: 'Australia, the white man's land, / Defended by the white man's ...

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The story of 'Waltzing Matilda' and Winton

What do the words of 'Waltzing Matilda' mean and where did they come from? Find out about 'Waltzing Matilda' and Winton, the town where Banjo Paterson wrote his ballad. Discover what the song means to the town today.


'Advance Australia fair', 1927

This is a 1927 recording of four verses of the famous song, 'Advance Australia fair', which later became Australia's national anthem. It was composed by Peter McCormick, who arrived in Australia from Scotland in 1855. This recording was made in London and features a massed choir and grand organ accompaniment.


Sheet music cover for 'Columbia! Welcome!', 1908

This is the front cover of the music score for the song 'Columbia! Welcome! A Song of Greeting to the American Fleet', composed by Montague B Younger. The cover shows a line drawing of a US Navy warship, with the Australian and American flags behind. The three-page booklet was published in Sydney by W H Paling and Company in 1908.


Diggers, 1931: 'Hinky pinky parlay-voo'

This clip shows the final scenes from 'Diggers', a black-and-white film of 1931. It is the First World War and an Australian soldier farewells his French sweetheart (Eugenie Prescott) in her father's café in a French village. Soldiers march off to battle to a jaunty Australianised version of the song 'Mademoiselle from ...


'Kingsford Smith, Aussie is proud of you', 1928

This is a song celebrating the achievement of Charles Kingsford Smith and the crew of the 'Southern Cross' in becoming the first to cross the Pacific by air. The song was written by Jack O'Hagan and performed by Len Maurice. It was recorded on 7 June 1928 and is 2 minutes 18 seconds long.


Back to Tipperary days

This is a song, composed and recorded by Jack Lumsdaine in 1939, five days after the outbreak of the Second World War, about the memories of Australian soldiers looking back on the First World War. The middle segment of the song refers to the outbreak of the Second World War.


And the band played 'Waltzing Matilda'

This is a song about the experiences of an itinerant Australian who volunteered as a soldier in the First World War, took part in the Suvla Bay landing and lost both legs in the Gallipoli campaign. It was composed and performed by Australian singer Eric Bogle, and was probably recorded in 1980.

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We remember - unit of work

This is an extended unit of work for the middle primary years about the symbols of Australia, the significant events and lives Australians commemorate, and how these symbols and events have changed over time. The unit contains five focus questions that are explored through sequences of learning with student activities and ...


'Let's Talk' series - Australian voices

This is an information page that introduces the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages within Australia and the great need to maintain and preserve this unique aspect of Indigenous culture. It presents some key facts about languages including Australia having one of the fastest rates of language loss ...

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Australian anthem

How old is the Australian anthem? Did you know that for a long time Australia had the same anthem as England? Watch this video to find out how, why and when we got our own anthem.

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Who was Banjo Paterson?

Banjo Paterson was an Australian writer and a poet, most famous for writing 'Waltzing Matilda' and 'The Man From Snowy River'. It could be said that his writing, based on his own experiences of the Australian bush life, has shaped Australia's identity. Do you agree? Why/why not?