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Listed under:  Arts  >  Visual arts  >  Drawing  >  Cartoons  >  Animated cartoons
Listed under:  Arts  >  Media arts  >  Cinematography  >  Animation  >  Animated cartoons
Interactive resource

Character maker: visual attributes

Build animated characters for a new cartoon show. Choose visual attributes to communicate information about your cartoon character’s personality to the audience. Choose shapes and items to suit a character's personality. Combine elements such as body shape, head size, clothing and accessories. For example, choose a relatively ...

Interactive resource

Character maker: movement

Build animated characters for a new cartoon show. Choose each character's walking movements to suit their personality, mood, actions and relationship to other characters. For example, show a character is sad by choosing a slow walk with feet dragging along the ground. Combine elements such as speed, posture and bounciness. ...


The Fairytale Police Department - Black day for Snow White, 2002: Nail biting, crime fighting ACTION!

This clip shows the visual sequences and theme song that begin each episode of the children's animation series 'The Fairytale Police Department'. It opens with scenes from various fairytales including 'The three little pigs' and 'Snow White', and the theme song's lyrics set the series in Fairytale Land, which is experiencing ...


The Fairytale Police Department - Black day for Snow White, 2002: What's so important about an apple?

This clip shows Fairytale Land detectives Chris Anderson and Johnny Legend, from the children's animated series 'The Fairytale Police Department', discussing the case of the missing poisoned apple, intended for Snow White. It begins with the Evil Queen briefing the duo on the apple's disappearance. Following this the chief ...


Cartoons of the Moment - Crown Prince of Death, c1915: The First World War in cartoons

This black-and-white clip shows three animated political cartoons being created by Harry Julius during the First World War (1914-18). In the first sequence, Julius enters his office, opens and scans a newspaper before beginning to draw. Then his sketches appear, each accompanied by explanatory captions. Simple animation ...


Cartoons of the Moment - The Kaiser War, c1918

This black-and-white clip shows three animated Australian political cartoons created during the First World War. Cut-out animation with captions satirise Kaiser Wilhelm's failure to take responsibility for the war dead represented by piles of skulls and crosses. The second sequence 'Look out Billy' shows the comical figure ...


Cartoons of the Moment - Miss Australasia, c1914: National service

This black-and-white cartoon uses simple animation and captions to support the introduction of conscription of Australian men to fight in the First World War. The cartoon opens with words from Colonel Cameron supporting compulsory national service. The outline of Australia and New Zealand on a black background appears with ...


Cartoons of the Moment - German Dove of Peace, c1916: The evolution of the skirt

This black-and-white animated clip with captions comments on the changing length of women's hemlines since the 19th century. The title 'THE EVOLTION [sic] OF THE SKIRT' appears before a white outline of a woman in full 19th-century costume. The cartoonist's hand fills in details on the sketch before the white outline of ...

Moving Image

Behind the scenes

This is a resource that focuses on video interviews with artists and staff at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), featuring teenagers as interviewees. Specific sections of each video can be located through browsing a hierarchy of Interview (subject and title), Topic and Question. This resource features interviews with Pixar's ...

Interactive Resource

Creating cartoons

The resource focuses on discussing, analysing and explaining a variety of cartoons in a variety of print and digital texts. It will enhance visual literacy skills in a range of media texts. Students have the opportunity to create cartoons to share with others. This resource supports the Australian Curriculum in English K–10.