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Listed under:  Arts  >  Art movements  >  Ancient art

Roman Forum, 315 CE

This is a fly-through animation of the Roman Forum as it would have appeared in 315 CE when the Basilica of Maxentius was completed. Interspersed with footage of the Forum today, the animation shows Rome's most important street, the Via Sacra, and the great temples and public structures of the Roman Forum including the ...


Pantheon, 126 CE

This is a fly-through animation of the Pantheon in Rome as it would have appeared in about 126 CE soon after its reconstruction by the Emperor Hadrian. The animation is combined with sequences of the Pantheon today, architectural drawings and models of the building, and paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries. The voice-over ...


Baths of Caracalla, c235 CE

This is a fly-through animation of the Baths of Caracalla in ancient Rome as they would have appeared when finally completed in about 235 CE. The animation is interspersed with images of the ruins of the baths today, cut-away models of the bathing areas and architectural drawings of the complex. The animation shows the ...

Interactive Resource

Pyramid builder

This interactive resource is a game about pyramid building in ancient Egypt. The student takes on the role of the vizier who oversees all important affairs of state and who must build the pyramid for the king before he dies. Decisions must be taken before the building can commence - decisions about location, the angle of ...


Roman army gallery

This resource is about the evolution of the Roman army over 600 years. It consists of nine images linked to text about reforms to the army introduced by different emperors to counter new threats to their rule, and information about Roman army achievements. The images are of: an early Roman coin; a gravestone; Trajan's Column; ...

Moving Image

Architects of England

This is a film about the buildings, masons and architects of England and the materials they used ranging from Norman times to the 1940s. The first sequences trace the development of church architecture, culminating in the great medieval cathedrals. These are followed by the history of domestic architecture, the development ...