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Collection from the NSW Women's Christian Temperance Union office, 1882-1990

This is a banner from the former office of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) of NSW. The banner has a royal blue background with gold tassels on the scalloped lower edge. On the top are five loops for hanging the banner. Painted in gold on the banner is: ' CHRISTIAN / TEMPERANCE UNION / SYDNEY / BRANCH / ORGANISED ...


Abstinence Society medal, c1885

This is a general-purpose gilt medal, minted by Stokes and Martin and issued by the Australian abstinence movement. It includes the Lord's Prayer on the obverse and on the reverse an abstinence pledge: 'I PROMISE / NOT TO USE ANY / INTOXICATING / LIQUORS AS A / BEVERAGE'. Above the pledge is a depiction of two hands shaking. ...

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Teenage drinking in the 1970s

Do you think that Australian teenagers drink too much alcohol? If so, do you think this is a new problem? Discover what teenagers thought about such drinking back in the 1970s. This ABC program from 1977 looks at the issue of teenage drinking, some possible reasons for it and some of the social problems arising from it.

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Drinking the substitute

While working as a barmaid, Cara Ferguson formed strong views about alcohol. Listen to her Heywire audio story and consider how she represents heavy drinking. Find out her attitude to the glamorisation of alcohol consumption and the downplaying of dangers associated with it. How does she maximise the impact of her views?<br ...

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Rethinking drinking alcohol

'High Sobriety', a book that journalist Jill Stark wrote about her experiences after deciding to stop drinking, provoked a lively discussion on the First Tuesday Book Club. All panellists were affected by the work. Have any books changed your life or made you question your beliefs and behaviour?

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Living without alcohol

Do you think Australian society is partly defined by its attitude to alcohol consumption? 'High Sobriety' tells the story of journalist Jill Stark's experiences after her decision to stop drinking. Watch First Tuesday Book Club panellists discuss aspects of this account of sobriety and the effect it's had on them.

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Wasted by alcohol abuse

Consuming alcohol affects our bodies. Find out what alcohol actually does inside the human body and the organ that 'fights' to reduce its harmful effects. Discover why alcohol is literally a 'waste' product.


I'll Be Home for Christmas, 1984: An alcoholic Christmas Day

This clip shows a group of men sitting around a table in a park on Christmas Day, drinking and smoking as they listen to previously recorded interviews with themselves on the radio. The men's voices are heard as they talk about a variety of issues, including the meaning of Christmas and their relationships with their families. ...


Australia Today - Lucky Strike … and Other Segments, 1938: The fatal hour

This black-and-white newsreel clip shows a comic depiction of two men working on a building site. One checks his watch and they rush to a pub before the doors are closed at 6 pm. The men are permitted to enter the pub and are given 20 minutes' drinking time before being asked to leave. The men drink quickly and then leave ...


Caddie, 1976: Six o'clock swill

This clip shows men jostling for beer in a Sydney pub in the lead-up to 6 pm, after which no more drinks are served. A fight breaks out when one man suggests that Caddie (Helen Morse) would be 'quicker on the bloody pick-up' than at serving him beer, quipping that she is 'only a bloody barmaid'. The publican announces closing ...

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Liver: micronodular cirrhosis

This is a high-resolution image of a section of tissue from the University of New South Wales Virtual Slide Repository. These resources can be manipulated like prepared microscope slides. They can be viewed at selected magnifications of up to 40 times, and in some cases the apparent illumination of the specimen can be varied. ...

Teacher resource

Alcohol and other drugs: professional learning module

This professional learning module focuses on building teachers’ understanding of alcohol and other drugs and of current, evidence-informed approaches to drug and alcohol education in schools. It offers links to quality resources for teaching students the skills to build resilience and to make informed choices when they ...