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Man digging air-raid shelter in backyard, Auburn, 1940s

This is a black-and-white photograph of a man using a shovel to dig an air-raid shelter in the backyard of a family house in Auburn, Melbourne, during the Second World War. The hole the man is working on is to be lined with wood. A wooden frame is constructed above the hole.

Interactive resource

Graphing: pie graphs and column graphs

Follow step-by-step demonstrations of how to build pie charts and column graphs.


Frederick Simpson Dyer home movie - Milkshakes and Bomb Shelter, c1940

This black-and-white silent clip from an Australian home movie shows three small children entering and leaving a suburban backyard bomb shelter. They enter the shelter down some steps, look through an opening in the top and come back out. The shelter appears to be made of timber, hessian bags and corrugated iron, with earth ...

Teacher resource

Using 'You say data, I say data' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea comments on the experiences of teaching R11452 'You say data (pronounced day-ta), I say data (pronounced dar-ta) - unit of work' to a year 6 class. The unit investigates different types of graphs and promotes students' skills and understandings in collecting, interpreting, evaluating and representing data.

Teacher resource

Using 'Investigating us' - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea explains the experiences of teaching R11461 'Investigating us - unit of work' with a year 8 class. The focus of the unit was on students collecting, organising, analysing and representing categorical and numerical data of personal relevance.

Teacher resource

Graphs and data - unit of work

This unit of work explores why we need data, and how to collate, present and analyse it to extract the information it offers.

Teacher resource

Investigating us - unit of work

This unit is designed to enable students to design and conduct simple surveys, collate the data into appropriate tables, identify the types of graphs that are suited to display the data sets depending on the number and types of variables, select appropriate display formats to represent the data and interpret data from the ...

Teacher resource

From data to delivery - unit of work

This unit of work explores why we need data. Students begin to collate, present and analyse it to extract the information it offers.


Creating pie charts

This collection of 16 digital curriculum resources focuses on representing categorical data in pie charts (sector graphs). The collection takes students from data collection to data representation and interpretation. Construction of informal pie charts using paper folding techniques (linking with fractions) is followed ...


Our air raid shelter

This is a Second World War song about a family's air raid shelter, which they built in case of the air attacks that Japan was expected to launch along the Australian coast. The song was composed and sung by Jack Davey and the recording was made on 16 April 1942.


Students digging trenches at Ascot State School, Brisbane, 1942

This black-and-white photograph shows schoolchildren digging air-raid trenches in the grounds of Ascot State School in Brisbane, Queensland, on 24 January 1942. Working in the slit trenches, knee deep or deeper, the male students use picks and shovels to dig and remove the earth. A man digging with them on the right is ...


Air-raid shelter in Brisbane, 1942

This black-and-white photograph shows two women and two uniformed servicemen in a backyard featuring a homemade air-raid shelter during the Second World War. The two men, Private Dick of the AIF and US soldier Tom Squires, are standing in the shelter with Anthea Dyke while Doreen Smythe is jokingly pointing a hose at them. ...


US soldier and air-raid shelter, Brisbane, 1942

This colour photograph taken in May 1942 shows a US army officer posing at the entrance of an underground air-raid shelter in Brisbane. The photo was taken in the grounds of Somerville House, an exclusive girls' boarding school requisitioned by the US forces in the Second World War as one of their headquarters in Brisbane. ...