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Bronze bust of Nancy Bird Walton, 1991

This is a solid bronze bust of a smiling Nancy Bird Walton wearing goggles, helmet, jacket and a kerchief around her neck.


Plaque awarded to Nancy Bird Walton, 1995-96

This is a wood and metal commemorative plaque in the form of a shield. The plaque displays the Casino Council crest in the centre with the representation of a boar's head and a horse and bull standing on their hind legs with an aeroplane, car and train in the middle. Beneath the crest is a banner featuring the council motto ...

Moving Image

Tension in the air

In this Heywire audio story, explore how Marguerite Donaldson builds tension as she recounts a nerve-wracking incident that happened while she was flying one day. Find out what this incident has revealed to her and how she shares her thoughts. Could you write or record a similar story about yourself and/or your community? ...

Interactive resource

Heroes of the air

Explore two historic flights made by Charles Kingsford Smith and his crew. Examine flight logs including photographs and footage. Look at the flight path of the first Pacific crossing in 1928. Retrace the failed Trans-Tasman flight of 1935. Make your own newsreel about the achievements of Australia's early aviators. Recognise ...


Landmarks in aviation

This collection of digital curriculum resources comprising mostly archival footage and images explores aviation from a historical perspective. It is organised in seven categories - first flight by box kite; first controlled powered flights; flying across the English Channel; first flight from England to Australia, 1919; ...


Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, 1934

This black-and-white photograph shows the pioneering Australian aviator, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. It is cropped from a larger photograph showing him standing and wearing a full-length leather coat. The image presents a lean Kingsford Smith wearing the trademark uniform of an aviator - coat, flying cap and goggles. He ...


Charles Kingsford Smith

Charles Kingsford Smith (1897-1935) is Australia's most renowned aviator, the holder of more 'firsts' than any other. This collection of 24 digital curriculum resources about his life and achievements is organised into nine categories beginning with his war service and concluding with the amazing trans-Tasman attempt of ...


Flying in Australia

This collection of digital curriculum resources focuses on the history of flying in Australia as a means of travel, exploration, recreation, adventure and as a cause of death. It is organised into six categories - first flights in Australia; female pilots; importance of the Moth planes; seaplanes; Qantas; and the Flying ...


Australia to England flight attempt, 1929

This is a broadcast of the farewell messages of Charles Kingsford Smith, Charles Ulm and Tom McWilliams. It was made on 30 March 1929 at Richmond Airfield in Sydney as Kingsford Smith and Ulm (the pilots), McWilliams (the wireless operator) and Harold Litchfield (the navigator) were about to take off in their aircraft, ...


Kingsford Smith lands in Brisbane - asset 2

This is a silent black-and-white film clip from a newsreel of Charles Kingsford Smith's arrival at Eagle Farm Airport, Brisbane, after his record-breaking 12-day flight from England in 1930 in the 'Southern Cross Junior' biplane. It shows Kingsford Smith climbing out of the cockpit, surrounded by journalists, smoking a ...


Conquest of the Pacific

This is an excerpt from the 1928 black-and-white silent documentary entitled 'Conquest of the Pacific', which celebrates the first flight across the Pacific. An intertitle 'Excited crowds await the ''Southern Cross'' at Brisbane.' introduces scenes of the 'Southern Cross' taxiing to a stop. A second intertitle 'Captain ...


Royal Flying Doctor Service dentist, NSW, 1962

This is a black-and-white photograph of a dentist from the Royal Flying Doctor Service performing dentistry beside his plane in a remote part of New South Wales in 1962.


Ansett female pilot and trainee pilot, 1981

This black-and-white photograph shows Deborah Wardley, Australia's first female pilot to be employed by a major commercial airline, Ansett. Taken in 1981, the photograph shows Wardley on the left with trainee pilot Felicity Bush on the right.


The 'Southern Cross' reaches Sydney, 1928

This is a black-and-white photograph of the 'Southern Cross' biplane arriving in Sydney and being greeted by reporters and photographers and a large contingent of police after the record-breaking flight of Charles Kingsford Smith and his crew across the Pacific. Signed portraits of the crew are superimposed upon the photograph, ...


Bert Hinkler servicing his aeroplane, 1928

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken in Canberra in 1928, of Bert Hinkler (1892-1933) working on the engine of the twin-seat Avro Avian he flew single-handed from England to Australia in that year. The image was made from a glass negative measuring 10.0 cm x 12.5 cm.


Hinkler with his Avro Avian aircraft, 1928

This is a black-and-white photograph of Bert Hinkler folding the wings of his Avro Avian biplane at York Park in Canberra, where he attended a formal reception at Parliament House following his record-breaking solo flight from London to Darwin in 1928. A small crowd, mainly men and boys, watches from behind a white picket fence.


Charles Kingsford Smith's application for a pilot's licence, 1921

This is the front and back of an application form for a commercial pilot’s licence submitted by pioneer Australian aviator Sir Charles Kingsford Smith in 1921. The front of the form shows handwritten details of Kingsford Smith’s name, nationality, parents’ nationality, marital status, address, pilot qualifications, commercial ...


Escort for Amy Johnson's landing in Sydney, 1930

This is a black-and-white photograph that shows the six women pilots who provided an aerial escort for British aviator Amy Johnson when she arrived in Sydney on 4 June 1930. The photograph, which measures 15.0 cm x 19.8 cm, is glued to a mount upon which is inscribed the words 'Escort for Amy Johnson's landing in Sydney. ...


John Curtin at RAF bomber station, UK, 1944

This is a black-and-white photograph of Australian Prime Minister John Curtin (on the far left, wearing a herringbone coat) and two airmen farewelling bomber crews at the Royal Air Force bomber station at Waddington near Lincoln in the United Kingdom in May 1944. The Prime Minister is using the 'V for Victory' sign. The ...


'Charles Ulm with his mother and father', 1914

This is a 20.3 cm x 25.8 cm black-and-white photograph taken in 1914, of Charles Thomas Philippe Ulm (1898-1934), aged 16, with his parents, Emile Gustave and Ada Emma Ulm. Charles is wearing a First World War Australian Imperial Force (AIF) uniform.