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Listed under:  Society  >  Citizenship  >  Active citizenship  >  Dissent  >  Activism  >  Advocacy
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Taking action for gender equality

As newly appointed Ambassador for Women and Girls, Natasha Stott Despoja is expected to promote gender equality internationally, particularly in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean Rim regions. In this clip from the 7:30 Report, Natasha identifies some of the work that is already underway, while acknowledging some of the ...

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Natasha Stott Despoja spans the political divide

In 2013, the former Australian Democrats leader Natasha Stott Despoja was given her 'dream job', Ambassador for Women and Girls. This role allows her to speak on behalf of women and girls in places where gender inequality persists. Interviewer Leigh Sales queries Despoja about apparent tensions and contradictions between ...

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Presenting a point of view about marriage equality

Marriage equality is a controversial issue in Australia, one that has provoked media sensationalism, political rhetoric and heated arguments. Sometimes, however, quieter voices make their point amid all the furore. Explore the voice of Lochsley Wilson in his Heywire audio story.<br /><br />To talk with someone about anxiety ...

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Balancing the options: aged care

Help a local council to investigate community attitudes to a proposed retirement village. Gather facts and opinions from local residents, retirees' families and the developer. Compare options, then choose the plan that best addresses issues raised by all of the interest groups. Explain the reasons for your recommendation. ...

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Balancing the options: tourist resort

Help a local council to investigate community attitudes to a proposed tourist resort. Gather facts and opinions from residents, environmentalists and park management. Compare options, then choose the plan that best addresses issues raised by all of the interest groups. Explain the reasons for your recommendation. This learning ...

Interactive resource

Balancing the options: opinion organiser

Use a tool to compare survey responses of groups of people. Identify three possible options and stakeholder groups. Adjust sliders to show how positively each stakeholder rates each option. Compare results, then choose the option that best meets the preferences of all groups. Explain the reasons for your recommendation. ...

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Making a difference: the Day of Mourning protesters

Explore perspectives on Australia’s Indigenous heritage through photos and text about activists protesting on Australia Day, 1938. Trace the stories of people such as William Ferguson, William Cooper, Jack Patten, Margaret Tucker and Pearl Gibbs. Examine how they created a framework for later efforts promoting Indigenous ...


Anthem - An Act of Sedition, 2004: MV Tampa and September 11

This clip presents an interpretation of the Howard government's response to the arrival of refugees in Australian waters on the MV Tampa in August 2001. The narration states that John Howard had often used scare tactics for his political advantage and that the refugees were now to be used in a 'race election'. Views defending ...


First meeting of New Zealand's National Council of Women, 1896

This is a black-and-white photographic portrait taken at the first meeting of the National Council of Women of New Zealand (NCWNZ) in April 1896. It shows a group of 25 members. The women in the front rows are seated, some on the floor, with two rows of women standing behind them.


Portrait of Kate Sheppard

This is a black-and-white photographic portrait of suffragist and writer Kate Sheppard (1847-1934), leader of the influential Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) in New Zealand. Sheppard is photographed against a dark background and is shown from the waist upwards positioned front-on to the camera.


Women's suffrage in New Zealand

This collection of eight digital curriculum resources focuses on women's suffrage in New Zealand in the period when the self-governing British colony became the first to grant adult women the right to vote. The collection looks at significant women who campaigned for women's suffrage; satirical cartoons from contemporary ...


Signing the Franklin Dam compensation agreement, 1984

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken in Hobart on 26 June 1984, of Australian prime minister Bob Hawke, on the left-hand side, and Tasmanian premier Robin Gray. They are signing the agreement under which the federal government provided compensation for Tasmania's relinquishment of a plan to build the Gordon-below-Franklin ...


We Have To Live With It, 1974

This black-and-white clip opens with local resident Mrs Moran describing to a crowd the effect on her life of the shipping container trucks driving through the streets of her inner-city Sydney suburb of Balmain. Footage of noisy trucks is followed by a voice-over describing how a truck crashed into the front fence of her ...

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Whose democracy? - unit of work

This is an extended sequence of lessons about the influence citizens can exert over government. The lessons focus on three topics: issues important to our class and the local community; the role of interest groups in Australia; and the role of interest groups in key issues in Australian history such as equal voting rights ...


Jessie Street

This is a rich resource about Jessie Street ('Red Jessie'), Australia's most prominent female lobbyist and human rights activist of the mid 20th century. Developed by the National Archives of Australia, the resource consists of a historical essay by Lenore Coltheart illustrated by a collection of archival documents and ...