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Racial Discrimination Act information leaflet, 1975

This leaflet, titled 'Racial discrimination and prejudice', provides information about the Racial Discrimination Act 1975. The cover has a photograph of the minister for immigration, Al Grassby, and is subtitled 'The Racial Discrimination Act / How does it work?' The leaflet was issued by the Commissioner for Community ...


'Proposal for amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act', 1983

This is the cover of a 40-page booklet titled 'Proposal for amendments to the Racial Discrimination Act to cover incitement to racial hatred and racial defamation'. It is a review of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 by the Australian Human Rights Commission. It was published in November 1983 by the Australian Government ...

Teacher resource

The development of Australian nationhood - Teacher idea

This Teacher idea is designed to be interesting and comprehensive – the teacher wanted to avoid the 'drier' approach that she had taken in the past. It includes interactive learning objects, film clips, photographs, posters, cartoons, maps and documents examining Australia’s road to nationhood. It includes a unit of work ...


After Mabo, 1997: Fiction of terra nullius

The clip shows Indigenous leaders Peter Yu and Noel Pearson discussing Indigenous rights to land and the native title legislation that was introduced by the Labor government under prime minister Paul Keating after the Mabo decision in 1992. It includes the government's rationale and a discussion of the effect on pastoral ...


Australian Constitution writers

This collection of 21 digital curriculum resources focuses on the men who wrote and debated the draft Australian Constitution. The collection is organised into seven categories - the development of the Constitution; the Australasian Federation Conference of 1890; the National Australasian Convention of 1891; the Australasian ...


Australia's first federal parliament

This is a collection of 19 digital curriculum resources focusing on Australia's first federal parliament, which sat in Melbourne from May 1901 until October 1902. The collection is organised into four categories - opening the first federal parliament; the first prime minister; the first Barton ministry; and the parliament's ...


Female suffrage Act, South Australia, 1894

This is the first page of a Bill for the enactment of an amendment to the Constitution and Electoral Acts of South Australia to allow women to hold equal voting rights with men. The 1894 Bill grants women the right to vote in elections for both the Legislative Council and the House of Assembly. A handwritten notation on ...


Immigration Restriction Act, 1901

This is part of the front page of an act passed by the Australian Federal Parliament in 1901. It is headed: 'AN ACT To place certain restrictions on Immigration and to provide for the removal from the Commonwealth of prohibited Immigrants', and is known as the Immigration Restriction Act. It shows the first page of the ...


Aboriginal Protection Act 1869 (Vic)

This is an image of the title page of the 'Aboriginal Protection Act 1869 (Vic)'. The document, an Act of the Victorian colonial Parliament, is made from three pages of waxy paper and is tied on the left-hand side with a green silk ribbon and stamped with the red seal of the Parliament. The text is printed, apart from the ...

Teacher resource

Forming government and passing legislation: unit of work

This is a unit consisting of four extended lessons about how an Australian federal government is formed and how bills are passed in the Australian Parliament. The unit takes the form of an extended simulation in which students play the roles of members of the House of Representatives. As appropriate, they take part in the ...

Interactive Resource

Difference Differently: who can be Australian?

This is a resource with three related sets of student activities that explore the evolution of Australian government policies regarding citizenship and immigration since 1901. It uses historical source material to explore the 'White Australia policy' and case studies about individuals and citizenship. It also examines how ...


3 June: a significant date - the Mabo decision

This is a two-page PDF fact sheet that provides information related to Mabo decision of 1992, which recognised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ rights as the traditional owners of their land. Named after Eddie Mabo, the ten-year court case fought for the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples ...

Teacher resource

Australian Civics and Citizenship Curriculum Year 6 Unit of Work

This unit of work explores aspects of the Curriculum that deal with key concepts relating to Australia's federal Parliament. The resource is divided into three sections which explore the key institutions of Australia's democratic system of government; the roles and responsibilities of the three levels of government; and ...


Repat and Rabbits: WW1 soldier settlement in the ACT

This site provides a collection of documents, guides and information to support research on the Australia's Soldier Settlement Scheme that was implemented the end of World War 1. Soldier Settlement Schemes were established in all states and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), now the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). ...


The Conversation: Australian Law

This resource contains a series of explanatory articles about Australian law, and how it interacts with a variety of subjects such as indigenous law, state vs federal, and the constitution. It can be used to develop a broad understanding of Australian law.


Making a law in the Australian Parliament

This fact sheet explains the law-making process in the Australian Parliament. It also describes where ideas for laws come from and the history of law-making in the Parliament.

Teacher resource

Make a law: House of Representatives

Discover how bills—proposed laws—are introduced, debated and voted on in the House of Representatives by turning your class into a Parliament and doing it yourself! This lesson plan outlines the steps to run a role play in the classroom and includes a video illustrating the process, teacher notes, class preparation and ...

Teacher resource

Make a law: Senate

Discover how bills—proposed laws—are introduced, debated and voted on in the Senate by turning your class into a Parliament and doing it yourself! This lesson plan outlines the steps to run a role play in the classroom and includes a video illustrating the process, teacher notes, class preparation and plans for making the ...

Moving Image

Making a law

Get an introduction to the law-making process of the Australian Parliament with this short video. It includes all the law-making steps in the Senate and House of Representatives.