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Listed under:  Education  >  Student assessment  >  Achievement standards
Teacher resource

Tracking student progress

A teacher of senior English describes the assessment moderation processes used at her school. These processes are used to achieve greater consistency in grading student assessment tasks. With practice in assessment moderation, she and her staff have found that the accuracy of their grading of student work has improved. ...

Teacher resource

Improved literacy outcomes

A teacher, who is also the co-ordinator of individual learning, analyses student assessment data with a colleague from the school's primary campus. The analysis of the school's NAPLAN data indicates that there are opportunities to improve student literacy standards in the area of persuasive writing. Together, they explore ...

Teacher resource

Using data to improve learning programs

At the start of the school year a curriculum coordinator leads and facilitates a discussion with a group of year 10 teachers to discuss and interpret the previous year’s National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) results for the current year 10 cohort of students. The teachers analyse both internal and ...

Teacher resource

Assessment tool initiative

In this Technology and Applied Science (TAS) meeting, colleagues discuss the ambiguity surrounding current assessment marking strategies used within the faculty and review a new marking model proposed by a colleague. They apply the new model to an existing curriculum activity to gather feedback with the intention of trialing ...

Teacher resource

Team teaching moderation

The teacher works with a colleague to moderate students’ work after a summative assessment task in order to make consistent and comparable judgements about students and their learning. As they team-teach a Year 3 and 4 mathematics class, the moderation of student work is key to providing students with consistent feedback ...

Teacher resource

Moderating worksamples

The teacher works with her colleague to review their students’ achievements in a ‘real world’ numeracy task. She leads a discussion, analysis and interpretation of student work samples, identifying how and why students have or have not been able to grasp the key mathematical concept underpinning the lessons. The moderation ...