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Oresome world

This interactive resource takes students on a journey of discovery in the energy and mining world. Oresome world contains five games or modules: Coal, Energy, Gas, Low emissions and Mining, and within each of these there are several facilities to explore, such as the Underground mining site, Hydroelectric power station, ...


John Olsen: 'Sydney sun', 1965

This resource includes an enlargeable image and corresponding catalogue information of the landscape painting 'Sydney sun' by John Olsen. There is also a video with audio commentary providing an interpretation of the artwork. The onscreen text outlines additional information about the artist, his career, influential ideas ...


Ian Fairweather: 'Monastery', 1961

This resource includes an enlargeable image of the painting 'Monastery' by Ian Fairweather and catalogue information about the painting. There is also a video with audio commentary and corresponding onscreen text that provides an interpretation of the painting and information about the artist's views. The abstract painting ...


James Cant: 'Objects in the landscape', 1936

This resource includes an enlargeable image, with corresponding catalogue information, of the surrealist painting 'Objects in the landscape' by James Cant (1911-82). There is also a video with audio commentary, onscreen text on the artist's career and an interpretation of the painting. Cant was influenced by Surrealism, ...


Seeing with sound: sound lab tour

Explore how sound travels as a wave. Examine diagrams and simulations to answer a series of questions about sound properties. For example, identify the effects of compression waves on the vibration speed of particles. Test the effects of changing wave properties: frequency, wavelength and amplitude. Transmit sounds in a ...