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Listed under:  Science  >  Forces and energy  >  Waves (Energy)  >  Absorption (Waves)
Moving Image

Some objects look darker when wet

Why do some things look darker when they're wet, such as sand or clothing, and other things like stainless steel sinks don't? Watch as presenter Bernie Hobbs explains what happens when light hits water and how this influences the appearance of wet objects. This clip includes an animation that demonstrates the way light ...

Interactive resource

Colours of objects

Find out why some things appear coloured and others white or black. View four cards of unknown colour under four different coloured lights: red, green, blue and white. Notice how the cards can have different colours under different lights. Record your observations for each card in turn, and then use this data to determine ...

Teacher resource

NASA launchpad: neon lights -spectroscopy in action

This resource for educators supports a practical learning program about the basic properties of light that can be examined with a spectrometer, and how line spectra can be used as an analysis tool. Students are introduced to the concept of visible light and the fact that white light is made up of different colours. Students ...