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Teacher resource

Literacy and numeracy improvement: a whole-school approach

This teacher resource describes how 74 public schools in metropolitan, regional and rural Western Australia used three major components of the school improvement cycle to achieve significant improvement in the literacy and numeracy learning outcomes of their students. The resource is organised in nine sections: Summary, ...

Teacher resource

Literacy and Numeracy Pilot in low SES school communities

This teacher resource describes a pilot implemented in 76 public schools in Victoria, including primary, P-12, and secondary schools in two rural and regional and two metropolitan clusters. The pilot aimed to improve the literacy and numeracy of students in low socioeconomic status communities. This included new arrivals, ...

Teacher resource

Standing Tall in Literacy and Numeracy

This teacher resource is about a strategy called Standing Tall in Literacy and Numeracy that targets Aboriginal students' transition to the Foundation year and improved achievement in literacy and numeracy throughout the primary years. The strategy was developed by St Joseph's Primary School in Taree, New South Wales. The ...

Teacher resource

Literacy Empowerment Project: Literacy Backpack Program

This teacher resource is about the Literacy Backpack Program established in 16 remote school campuses in the Katherine region of the Northern Territory. The program supplies books and magazines to schools and homes in the region as part of a levelled reading program and is designed to foster a community approach to reading. ...

Teacher resource

Raising the Bar Closing the Gap maana

This teacher resource is about the maana (moving forward) program that supports Aboriginal students through a whole-school approach to literacy and/or numeracy and cultural inclusion. The program is an extension of the Raising the Bar reform and is implemented in five regional and rural schools in Tasmania. The resource ...

Teacher resource

Enhancing reading comprehension for Koori students: a cultural focus

This teacher resource is about a project to improve reading outcomes for Aboriginal students in years 2 to 7 in the Gippsland and Mildura areas of Victoria. The Expanded Central Gippsland Koori Literacy Project (ECGKLP) involved 123 Koori students from 19 primary schools and one secondary school. It focused on helping teachers ...


Indigenous children on Yarrabah school bus, mid-1970s

This is a black-and-white photograph, taken by Aboriginal photographer Mervyn Bishop, of the interior of a school bus carrying a number of children, most of whom are Indigenous. They are dressed in uniform and the majority are looking towards the camera. Outside the bus windows, shopfronts and parked cars are partially ...


North Stradbroke Island school, 1917

This is a black-and-white photograph showing a group of nine children on the veranda of the Special Provisional School at Myora (Moongalba) on North Stradbroke Island near Brisbane in Queensland. The school is a single-storey building elevated on wooden stumps with a pitched roof made from wooden shingles. This image first ...

Moving Image

Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children's learning: Community and connectedness

This video shows the importance of connecting with community to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in kindergarten. It includes experienced teachers, authors and community members who suggest strategies to make connections. The resource includes discussion questions for teachers and leaders. The video ...

Moving Image

Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children's learning: Intentional teaching

This video shows ways to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in kindergarten. The teacher models intentional teaching strategies in multi-modal and multi-sensory learning experiences. The resource includes discussion questions for teachers and leaders. The video is 3 minutes and 50 seconds long and was ...

Teacher resource

Experiencing success

A pre-service teacher at an Alice Springs primary school explores some of the challenges for teachers in supporting Aboriginal students who may previously not have experienced success in their learning, or, may not yet be aware of what successful learning is like. In exploring some of the issues for schools and teachers, ...

Teacher resource

Dreaming stories

A year 4 classroom teacher uses an Aboriginal dreaming story to engage Indigenous and non-Indigenous students in her class. She connects parts of the story through questioning to the students’ world and experiences, and uses the activity as a springboard for an imaginative writing task. The teacher encourages students to ...

Teacher resource

Afterschool club

The teacher runs an Afterschool Club twice a week which is funded by a local organisation. The club provides an environment for students from the local community to complete homework in an informal, supervised environment where they may not be able to do so at home. The teacher and her colleagues combine the students’ homework ...

Teacher resource

Girls writing club

At a school in remote Western Australia, the teacher has identified a group of Aboriginal girls from years 4, 5 and 6 who require further English literacy support. The teacher takes the group of girls out of their regular classes to work in a small group on planning, drafting, editing and ‘publishing’ a story. The teacher ...

Teacher resource

Little J & Big Cuz

These resources provide support for Early Years (K-2) educators with ideas and options for including Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander knowledge, understanding and skills in their teaching and learning programs. A filter is provided to guide teachers to resources which relate to specific learning areas and/or year ...