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Message Stick - Arafura Pearl, 2003: Saltwater Freshwater

The clip shows Kathy Mills talking about her husband David Mills and their relationship. Kathy describes how singing brought them together and became the foundation of their family life. Older photographs and contemporary footage of the family are seen. Their son Robert explains that they are 'straight for each other', ...


Message Stick - Arafura Pearl, 2003: Music

The clip shows the Mills, a Darwin family of musicians and singers. Kathy Mills speaks of her children and their closeness as the song 'Arafura pearl' is sung in the background. Kathy says everyone in the family has 'the music bug'. She says while the Mills Sisters are the 'most known' singers of the family, 'the boys now ...


'Drink to me only with thine eyes', c1920s

This is a well-known love song, the words of which come from a romantic poem written by the English poet and playwright Ben Jonson in 1616. The tune was composed by a Colonel Mellish in about 1770. The singer is the famous 1920s Irish-Australian tenor Alfred O'Shea, and the recording was probably made in the 1920s.


Songs my mother taught me

This is a song composed by Czech composer Antonin Dvorak in 1880 as one of the 'Seven Gipsy Songs'. It was recorded by Dame Nellie Melba, the famous Australian opera singer, in 1916.


'What'll we do when this is over?' 1942

This is a song composed by Jack Davey in 1942 about what military personnel would do when the Second World War was over. The song was available as a record and as sheet music.


'Heroes of the air', 1928

This song, 'Heroes of the air - a song of praise to Australia's great airmen', recorded in Sydney in May 1928 and also published as sheet music, celebrates the first air crossing of the Pacific from 31 May to 9 June 1928. The cover of the sheet music says the song was 'Dedicated to Capt Kingsford-Smith and C P Ulm and Comrades'.