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Computational thinking poster

This infographic provides an overview overview of the concepts related to computational thinking.


South Kalgoorlie Primary School – Progress report 4

This video explains the progress that South Kalgoorlie Primary School has made in the Digital Technologies in Focus project. It is the last in a series of four.


Digital Technologies in the Australian Curriculum: sequence of content

This PDF provides a sequence of content for the Digital Technologies subject in the Australian Curriculum


St Mary’s Primary School – PL ecosystem

This document illustrates the network of people and resources that make up St Mary's Primary School's Professional Learning ecosystem.


Board and card games for exploring Digital Technologies concepts

This PDF suggests board and card games that are useful for exploring Digital Technologies key concepts and key ideas.


Wodonga South Primary School – Podcast

This podcast includes information about the aims, challenges, insights and accomplishments of Wodonga South Primary School's participation in the Digital Technologies in Focus project.


Planning an action research project to facilitate implementation of Digital Technologies

This PowerPoint presentation includes ideas for planning and developing action research projects to facilitate implementation of digital technologies.


Literacy learning progression and Digital Technologies

This PDF illustrates how the National Literacy Learning Progression can be used with Digital Technologies to support student progress in literacy.


Supporting the Implementation of Digital Technologies in Disadvantaged Schools: Case study of impact, outcomes and sustainability (2020)

This PDF is an extensive report on the success of the Digital Technologies in Focus (DTiF) project, with a focus on supporting the Implementation of Digital Technologies in disadvantaged schools. The evaluation gathered qualitative data to create rich case study accounts of six schools' engagement in the project and its ...


Effective DTiF strategies

This PDF lists eight ways in which Digital Technologies in Focus (DTiF) supported the implementation of Digital Technologies in disadvantaged schools.


Activities that promote Digital Technologies concepts and incorporate Numeracy: part 5: Data from sports

This video provides suggestions for ways in which Digital Technologies can be used to develop students' learning in the Numeracy Learning Progression.


Professional learning workshops

This webpage provides details of ten workshops that focus on understanding and implementing the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. The workshops are provided for Digital Technologies in Focus project schools and, where possible, schools not involved in the project.


Expert webinar video: Nathan Alison, Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV): Focus on systems thinking. How do we teach it well?

Nathan Alison from Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) explains what systems thinking is and how it is used in the context of Digital Technologies. Nathan explains what we need to consider when teaching digital systems, covering topics such as networks, hardware and software protocols, people and processes.


Newsletter – April 2018

This newsletter from the Digital Technologies in Focus project includes information about schools' projects, the Australian Curriculum and useful resources.


Visual programming with Scratch: years 3-6

This comprises a collection of sample activities that incorporate visual programming (Scratch) into teaching and learning programs. They show the possibilities Scratch offers for integration. The projects are incomplete and are designed to be used as samples for inspiration or modification by teachers.


Good teaching practice with Digital Technologies

This PDF lists seven characteristics of good teaching practice in the Digital Technologies curriculum.


Biosecurity surveillance at school

This activity outlines the process to undertake a biosecurity surveillance of a school environment. The teacher guide, slides and student sheets identify some invasive pests that represent a threat to NSW agriculture including cane toads, fire ants and exotic bees. The activity could be adapted for other locations.


Fighting floodwaters

This is an illustrated story retelling the real-life engineering decisions made to mitigate flood damage to a Queensland town that experiences frequent, dangerous flooding. It focuses on the value of being an engineer and how It benefits local communities. The downloadable PDF includes classroom activities.


Scratch coder

Build a simple yet engaging game from the ground up, all within the free block coding program Scratch.Scratch is a browser-based open-source game engine free for anyone to use. Scratch uses block coding, meaning you can learn how to code us-ing pre-programmed blocks, rather than typing out long lines of code to create a ...


Computational thinking cut out cards

This set of printable cards provides definitions of six aspects of computational thinking.