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Yulunga: koara

In various places accounts have been recorded of leaves being folded into shapes to make a propeller or ‘spinner’ type of toy. The children ran with them or held them into the wind, or they were thrown into the air to drop to the ground. This is an activity using a small propeller (plastic or wood) fixed to the end of an ...



This is a PDF resource that focuses on the theme of water in Australian artworks, featuring 15 different artworks using various mediums. Each page includes an image, description and context of the artwork, and information about the artist, as well as specific focus questions or key statements that prompt a response to the ...


Dinosaur dig

Students learn about the world of dinosaurs through creative arts. They explore elements of dance to develop coordination skills through movement and actions, as well as music and drama to create characters. They also create a dinosaur themed artwork.


Yulunga: ngor-go

A form of spin-ball was played among the lower Tully River people. The spinner was made out of a gourd of the Benincasa vacua. This game was played by women more often than men. It was known among the Mallanpara people of north Queensland as ngor-go, after the name of the gourd used. This activity comprises making and playing ...


Strange faces

Students explore the artworks of Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, who lived four hundred years ago. He loved creating artworks out of other objects. He used objects like fruit, vegetables, sea creatures, flowers, bowls, barrels and books. Students create their own artwork in his style.


Travels in Indonesia: souvenir shop

Find a souvenir shop in an Indonesian town. Choose craft items such as a traditional rug, porcelain bowl and pottery jug. Talk with a sales person and a local customer. Use cultural knowledge to ask and answer questions politely. This learning object is one in a series of five objects.