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Green Hill Public School – Progress report 2

This video explains the progress that Bethany Christian School has made in the Digital Technologies in Focus project. It is the second in a series of three.


Wodonga South Primary School – Podcast

This podcast includes information about the aims, challenges, insights and accomplishments of Wodonga South Primary School's participation in the Digital Technologies in Focus project.


Assessment: Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies sample Data assessment tasks: years 7-8

Resource description This resource provides strategies for assessing students' understanding of the ways in which data can be sourced, organised and represented to maximise options for analysis, evaluation, decomposition and visualisation in order to create digital solutions. The context of the resource is the liveability ...


If only animals could talk

This is an illustrated narrative describing the engineering decisions made to create wildlife corridors for safe passage for Australian fauna to protect them and the stormwater networks they had been traveling through. It shows the creativity, innovation and collaboration required, and focuses on the value being an engineer ...


A–Z Digital Technologies vocabulary F–6

This PDF assists teachers in thinking about when and how to introduce Digital Technologies discipline-specific vocabulary.


Data knowledge and skills tutorial: part 1 - gathering data

This video demonstrates ways in which data can be manipulated in spreadsheets. It is the first in a series of four.


Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies: years 5-6

This PDF provides a line of sight from content descriptions to achievement standards.


Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies key concepts mapping - Years 9 and 10

This PDF uses colour coding to provide a line of sight between key concepts, content descriptions and achievement standards in the Digital Technologies subject in the Australian Curriculum.


Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies Years F–2 Sample assessment task: Stepping out worksheet

This PDF is a worksheet that accompanies the years F-2 sample assessment task called Stepping out.


Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies years 5-6 Digital Systems assessment task - Unit plan: Staying fit, healthy and sun-safe

This unit plan outlines how digital systems can be used to encourage fit and healthy activity. It is the first in a series of four resources.


Kelley & Knowles review: STEM integration

This article explores ways of building integrated STEM programs so that students have opportunities to make connections to crosscutting concepts and real-world problems. This is proposed through the lens of a framework.


DTiF Classroom Exploring AI in the Classroom: Activity discussion

Digital Technologies in Focus curriculum officers discuss a lesson about Artificial Intelligence with Simon Collier and a student.


Expert webinar video: Martin Richards: AI, AR and VR F–10 and links to the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies

Martin Richards manages the Digital Technologies Hub. He discusses the relationship between artificial intelligence and the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. Martin also shows some useful resources for teachers.


Supporting Implementation of Digital Technologies: Progress report – Focus on curriculum and pedagogy and learning outcomes (2019)

This PDF is an extensive report on the success of the Digital Technologies in Focus (DTiF) project, with a focus on curriculum and pedagogy and learning outcomes. The evaluation gathered qualitative data to create rich case study accounts of six schools' engagement in the project and its impacts and outcomes.


Activities that promote Digital Technologies concepts and incorporate Numeracy: part 4: Tessellations

This video provides suggestions for ways in which Digital Technologies can be used to develop students' learning in the Numeracy Learning Progression.


Archived newsletters

This webpage features archived newsletters from the Digital Technologies in Focus project. The newsletters include information about schools' projects, assessment tasks, the Australian Curriculum and resources.


Newsletter – July 2019

This newsletter from the Digital Technologies in Focus project includes information about an On Country staff development day with Leonara District High School, cybersecurity, the Australian Curriculum, and useful resources.


Alyangula Area School

Alyangula Area School is a government school located in Alyangula on Groote Eylandt, in the Northern Territory on the Traditional Lands of the Anindilyakwa People. Martin Levins is one of ACARA’s curriculum officers who works directly with the school to support the implementation of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies. ...


Faith Lutheran College – – Final report

This report provides details of Faith Lutheran College's participation in the Digital Technologies in Focus project, including a Research question, criteria for success, data collection, resources, challenges, milestones and next steps.


St James Catholic College – Project proposal

This PDF outlines St James Catholic College's proposal to participate in the Digital Technologies in Focus project.