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Understanding Australian coins

This lesson is about Australian coins, their features, and their value. During the lesson, students explore what Australian coins look like, their value and their purpose. They identify and describe the features and value of Australian coins and make simple calculations using coins.


Phonics lesson planner example and template

This Word document can be used to plan for the specific words and sentences teachers will use when teaching new phonics content. It includes a worked example of a completed lesson and a blank template.


Digital Technologies in the Australian Curriculum: sequence of content

This PDF provides a sequence of content for the Digital Technologies subject in the Australian Curriculum


Planning an action research project to facilitate implementation of Digital Technologies

This PowerPoint presentation includes ideas for planning and developing action research projects to facilitate implementation of digital technologies.


Classroom ideas: Micro:bit environmental measurement (visual programming): years 5-6

This tutorial shows ways in which environmental factors such as lighting and temperature can be measured and improved using micro:bits and sensor boards, and programmed using pseudocode and visual programming.


Technologies: sequence of achievement in the Australian Curriculum

This Word document provides sequences of achievement standards for the Technologies learning area in the Australian Curriculum


Travel Times

Life would be very different today if we did not have modern transport. In this activity, students calculate the time it would take for humans to travel long distances through different modes of transport. They then analyse the impact of these technological developments.


Understanding digital systems

This PDF provides suggestions for teaching digital systems in the classroom. The resource includes useful links to websites that provide information about digital systems as well as relevant teaching and learning material.


Classroom ideas: Choose your own adventure: years 3-6

This PDF provides a sequence of activities that allow students to view and create planning templates and algorithms when making 'Choose Your Own Adventure' stories. Older students can use the visual programming language Scratch to build their stories.


Teaching and supporting project management in the F-6 classroom

This PDF gives educators an overview of what project management is and ideas on how they can implement project management skills in the F-6 classroom.


A–Z Digital Technologies vocabulary F–6

This PDF assists teachers in thinking about when and how to introduce Digital Technologies discipline-specific vocabulary.


Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies: years 5-6

This PDF provides a line of sight from content descriptions to achievement standards.


Classroom ideas: exploring digital technologies through shopping: years 3-6

This PDF demonstrates how using concepts derived from age-appropriate content, combined with multiple points of entry to and exit from a shopping-related task might remove barriers to learning. Students engage in purposeful and authentic open-ended explorations that require critical and creative thinking and incorporate ...


Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies Years F–2 Sample assessment task: Stepping out worksheet

This PDF is a worksheet that accompanies the years F-2 sample assessment task called Stepping out.


Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies years 5-6 Digital Systems assessment task - Unit plan: Staying fit, healthy and sun-safe

This unit plan outlines how digital systems can be used to encourage fit and healthy activity. It is the first in a series of four resources.


Kelley & Knowles review: STEM integration

This article explores ways of building integrated STEM programs so that students have opportunities to make connections to crosscutting concepts and real-world problems. This is proposed through the lens of a framework.


DTiF Classroom Exploring AI in the Classroom: Activity discussion

Digital Technologies in Focus curriculum officers discuss a lesson about Artificial Intelligence with Simon Collier and a student.


Newsletter – October 2019

This newsletter from the Digital Technologies in Focus project includes information about schools' projects, visual programming, the Australian Curriculum, and useful resources.


Newsletter – December 2017

This newsletter from the Digital Technologies in Focus project includes information about schools' projects, the Australian Curriculum and useful resources.


Mossman State School – Timeline

This document presents the milestones in Mossman State School's participation in the Digital Technologies in Focus project.