Teacher guide Investigating food and fibres

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This is a teacher resource about investigating how foods and fibres are produced. It contains material to assist planning and implementing a study of the foods and fibres we use and how they are obtained, the technologies and processes involved in their production, and cultural connections to food and fibre. As well as a comprehensive fast facts section detailing some important Australian agricultural industries, this resource includes a student record sheet, a recipe template, and links to numerous videos, learning objects, and other Internet based resources.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This a highly valuable resource for a content description in years 3 and 4 Design and Technologies curriculum. It is particularly relevant for looking at the benefits of food technologies and processes used in the production of a wide variety of healthy foods such as bread; and the tools, equipment and procedures used to produce plants like cotton, a raw product of clothing, and food products like jam, rice and vegetables. It is also supports teaching about the 'paddock to plate' supply chain including stages in the production of many familiar foods and fibres including honey, milk and vegetables.
  • This resource is of some value for the Sustainability cross-curriculum priority, for teaching about how all forms of life are connected and sustained through ecosystems which they depend on for survival. There is some scope for exploring the concept of a broader biosphere system that provides all the requirements for life on Earth.
  • This is a valuable resource for the literacy general capability with many tasks and activities that support teaching food and fibre language and concepts, including key word lists and flow chart creation. There are links to e-Books relating to food and fibre production and activities based on exploring and summarising the content of the books. There are also interview tasks for discovering more about how family members produce foods, supported with an analysis of effective interviewing techniques.
Year level

3; 4

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  • Design and technologies
  • Technologies

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