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Explorer for ArcGIS: mapping tool app

TLF ID M013079

This is a rich interactive IOS and Android app resource that displays maps from a range of sources and provides tools to manipulate and interrogate the maps. The resource appears as a map with eight main functions: a Maps button providing access to a gallery of maps; an Overview button providing information about the current map displayed; a Measure distance button; a Measure area button; a Source map button; a Share button to share maps via favourites, email or social media; a Bookmark button and a Search toolbar. The resource also has a personal location service function.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This is a valuable resource for the primary geography curriculum, with relevance for at least ten content descriptions. It is particularly relevant for the primary content descriptions referring to collecting geographical information from different sources including maps, satellite images and measurements. The resource enables students to access geographical information from aerial images, road maps, topographic maps, National Geographic maps and other images such as photographs.
  • The resource is also useful for the content descriptions referring to locating Australia and other countries or continents. The search and tap screen functions to discover a location are relevant here. Users can type the name of a location in the search toolbar and it will appear on a map. They can zoom in or out to find out more about the location. The tap screen function to discover a location displays the name and the latitude and longitude coordinates of the location.
  • The resource contributes to students attaining those elements of the primary geography achievement standards that refer to identifying and describing the human and environmental features of places. The aerial map views are particularly useful here as they clearly display human and environmental features on the map and allow students to zoom in and pinpoint locations to gain further information.
  • The resource may also contribute to students attaining those elements of the primary geography achievement standards that refer to collecting and interpreting information to identify patterns and trends. The gallery section of the resource, located within the maps tool, is useful here as it provides geographical information such as road and traffic information, location of drinking-water fountains and the mapped habitat areas of some animals.
Year level

1; 2; 3; 4; 5; 6

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