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This is a digital version of a chapter from a textbook about the natural processes that cycle water through the biosphere and the factors that affect the water cycle. Using text and diagrams, the resource discusses the importance of water to life on Earth, the physical and biological processes involved in the water cycle, and the effect of air temperature and movement, landscape, vegetation and amount of sunshine. Review questions, requiring recall, understanding, application and analysis, and extended practical activities are included at the conclusion of the chapter.

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  • This resource is very useful for the Australian Curriculum content description in year 7 science about water as an important resource that cycles through the environment. It provides clear explanations and colourful, annotated diagrams about the water cycle as a whole and the processes involved at different stages throughout the cycle.
  • The grouping of review questions is useful for checking students' comprehension of the content of the chapter and for gauging their depth of understanding of the concepts associated with the water cycle.
  • The practical activities provided at the end of the resource could be useful for practice in investigating a natural process through modelling, identifying the factors that could be controlled in such a model, recording and analysing results and drawing conclusions from experimental investigations.
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