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This resource is a web page about low greenhouse gas emission (clean) energy resources. It differentiates between clean and dirty and renewable and non-renewable energy sources, and describes the importance of using clean-energy sources and of government initiatives for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It contains links to CSIRO fact sheets, glossary pages, relevant chapters from the year 7 Pearson Science textbook, videos and websites that explore the concepts in greater depth. Information and associated links about wind, solar and water energy are also provided.

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  • This resource may be of use for the Australian Curriculum content descriptions in year 6 science about generating electrical energy from a variety of sources and using scientific knowledge to inform personal and community actions; and in year 7 science about renewable and non-renewable resources. The resource presents very general information; however, the links to other webpages about alternative energy resources and government actions for a clean-energy future provide more detailed information.
  • The resource is relevant to the sustainability cross-curriculum priority, particularly the third, fifth, sixth and eighth organising ideas about sustainable patterns of living, individual and community actions for sustainability and designing actions based on an assessment of scientific and technological developments. The links to fact sheets and video clips about solar, wind and water as alternative energy resources present information about research into alternative methods of electricity generation. The links to websites about moving to a cleaner energy world explore actions for sustainability.
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6; 7

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  • Science

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