Teacher guide Climate educator guide, activity 2: the carbon cycle

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This is a teaching-learning resource containing teaching strategies and a student activity about the carbon cycle and how carbon in the atmosphere is connected to living things. The resource has six tabs, five of which are relevant. The first tab provides information about the carbon cycle and the second provides an activity in which students simulate, discuss and compose a story about the movement of carbon through the cycle. The third tab provides a brief enrichment task, the fifth a suggestion about how the activity can be used for assessment and the sixth provides links to two resources that support the activity.

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  • This resource is of great value in targeting the year 10 science content description about the reliance of global systems on interactions involving the Earth's spheres, and the sustainability cross-curriculum priority organising idea about the importance of the biosphere in sustaining life on Earth. It is also of great value in contributing to students attaining the achievement standard in year 10 science. It includes an activity in which students discuss carbon and its importance, explore the different parts of the carbon cycle and write a story about the path of a carbon atom through the cycle with a focus on the biosphere and atmosphere.
  • This resource is of some value in targeting the year 10 geography content description about the challenge to sustainability posed by environmental changes caused by humans. In the activity, students consider the ways in which humans use carbon and accelerate parts of the carbon cycle, such as releasing carbon into the atmosphere by burning. They also discuss how the carbon cycle can help us understand the relation between forests and global climate change.
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