Teacher guide Water: learn it for life! - years 4 and 5 geography

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This is a 32-page PDF unit of work on water sustainability for years 4 and 5. It contains the unit Water windows. In a sequence of nine lessons students explore how attitudes to water resources have changed over time in their local area. Teacher information includes: unit overview; key concepts; essential learnings; assessment; local links; and ideas for taking action. The essential learnings are linked to science, studies of society and environment and the arts. Student and teacher resources and links to English, maths and ICT are also provided.

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  • This is a resource that may be useful for the Geographical Knowledge and Understanding strand in the year 4 curriculum. It is relevant to the content description referring to how water is a resource provided by the environment that needs to be used sustainably. This understanding is supported in two of the key concepts outlined in the unit: water for communities can come from a variety of sources, and everyone's actions contribute to the sustainable use of water.
  • The unit planner included in this resource is a useful pedagogical tool for helping students learn about learning. Student learning is tracked under the following titles: Key concepts, Questions, Class activities, What have I found out? How did I sort this information? and What now? The unit also includes the valuable E5 pedagogical learning model: engage, explore, explain, elaborate and evaluate.
  • This resource can contribute to students attaining the achievement standard in year 4 geography. It helps students to examine the role of environments in providing resources such as water to support life. It also helps students to understand the need to protect environments, such as through appropriate water management.
  • This resource is relevant for the cross-curriculum priority of Sustainability in the Australian Curriculum area of geography. Learning about water management may help students understand the concept that sustainability of ecological systems is achieved through informed action across generations, and that sustainable futures result from actions that preserve the environment.
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