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Video Newton's first law of motion

TLF ID M011498

This resource is a video with audio commentary that provides an in-depth exploration of the concepts linked together in Newton's first law of motion. It unravels the meaning of each part of the law through audio commentary, quick on-screen sketches and other annotations. The differences between balanced and unbalanced forces and their effects on objects are fully explained. The resource covers why the 'endless motion' part of the law is not part of our everyday experience of motion, and also covers the unseen forces that cause most objects to slow down and stop. The duration of the video is more than 9 minutes.

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Educational value
  • This is a useful resource for gauging students' understanding of Newton's first law of motion. It is particularly useful for identifying and correcting misunderstandings that arise from our everyday experience of the motion of objects, which gives the impression that objects will naturally slow down and stop even when no force is applied.
  • The resource will be of use in relation to the year 10 content description in the science curriculum referring to describing and predicting the motion of objects using the laws of physics, in particular that objects will continue in motion indefinitely unless unbalanced forces act on them.
  • The resource may also be of use in relation to understanding the year 7 content description about how any change in an object's motion is caused by unbalanced forces acting on the object.
  • The resource may contribute to the ability of students to represent and predict the effects of unbalanced forces on the motion of an object, as specified in the year 7 achievement standard. However, it would not assist students to apply relationships between force, mass and acceleration to predict changes in the motion of objects, as specified in the year 10 achievement standard.
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