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Learning objects Battle of Hastings - game

TLF ID M011218

This interactive game is about the Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD. Students are presented with a battlefield with two armies facing one other. They must decide whether to take the part of William of Normandy or of the Saxon king Harold Godwinson and choose from a range of tactics. Text and sound effects accompany the game. A weblink takes students to text explaining the background to the Norman invasion and discussing the effects of William's victory on Britain.

Educational details

Educational value
  • This simple interactive game supports the Australian Curriculum: History content description in Year 8 relating to the Norman invasion. It provides details of the location of the landing of the Norman army and the route William was taking to London, as well as details about the size and condition of the two armies and their state of readiness to do battle.
  • The resource is useful in providing details about the claims to the throne of both William of Normandy and King Harold of Britain and describes the actions of both claimants prior to the battle, including using the Bayeux tapestry as primary source evidence.
  • The resource may also make a contribution to students attaining the history achievement standards in year 7 in relation to describing events from the perspective of different people who lived at the time, and has some relevance to the literacy capability and the critical and creative thinking capability.
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  • History

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