Image Lend-lease food for the USSR, 1943

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This is a black-and-white photograph showing the ingredients used in canned pork supplied to the USSR by the USA under the lend-lease program during World War II. The photograph is in the collection of the US Library of Congress and its caption reads: 'Cincinnati, Ohio. Preparing canned pork (Russian: "svinaia tushonka") for lend-lease shipment to the USSR at the Kroger grocery and baking company. One pound of pork, lard, onions, and spice go into each can'. The photograph was taken in June 1943 by Howard Hollem.

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  • This photograph is a useful primary source for studies of modern history in years 11-12 and for the World War II depth study in year 10 history that calls for an examination of significant events in the course of the war. The introduction of the lend-lease aid program in March 1941 at a time when the USA had not yet entered the war was one such event. Lend-lease made the USA's huge industrial and agricultural capacity available to the allied cause.
  • Under the terms of lend-lease, the USA provided equipment, armaments and food to nations allied in the war against Germany, Italy and Japan. Lend-lease did not involve money payments to the USA, then or later. Lend-lease aid was to be used in support of the war effort and either returned afterwards or a similar amount of aid made available to the USA. Lend-lease aid to the USSR began in October 1941 and by the end of 1945 was valued at more than $10 billion.
  • The pre-cooked canned meat seen here, a variant of the type known as spam, was an important part of lend-lease supplies to the USSR. All equipment and supplies provided by the USA and Britain had a strategic purpose. Anglo-US success in the war depended on the ability of the USSR to hold out and defeat Germany in the east. One Russian historian has claimed that the allies bought German defeat with Russian blood and paid in spam.
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