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Collections End of the First World War and its aftermath in Australia, 1918-39

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This is a collection of resources about the Armistice, the Treaty of Versailles and the aftermath of the First World War for Australians. It is introduced by the decoded cablegram seen here notifying the Australian prime minister that an armistice had been signed to halt hostilities. The cablegram is part of an online showcase called 'Shellshocked: Australia after Armistice', developed by the National Archives of Australia. The showcase is reached via the educational resource page for this cablegram in the Archives Virtual Reading Room (VRROOM).

Educational details

Educational value
  • The 'Shellshocked' showcase provides a collection of resources that are highly valuable for detailed historical studies of events at the end of the First World War and of the aftermath for those Australians involved in the hostilities and for their families.  Fifteen primary-source documents and photographs from government files of the time are displayed, including the document seen here. There is also a link to Australia's copy of the Treaty of Versailles and a discussion of its significance and history.
  • The sources and accompanying accounts focus on three areas: the Armistice and the peace treaty; repatriation: the digger carries on; and grieving and remembrance.
  • The cablegram and the linked showcase illustrate how historical text can be communicated. The National Archives has used the online showcase format to present a historical account supported with convincing evidence drawn from its vast range of holdings.
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