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This is an information sheet on the Flat Rocks fossil site near Inverloch in Victoria. It includes information on the fossils at this site and how to get involved as a volunteer for the Dinosaur Dreaming field digs at the site. The information sheet is available as a PDF for download. There is also a link to Museum Victoria's Dinosaurs and Fossils website.

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  • The Flat Rocks fossil site at Inverloch is located approximately 150 km south-east of Melbourne, on the south coast of Victoria. The area has special significance to Australia’s fossil history as the first discovery of an Australian dinosaur bone, the Cape Paterson Claw, was made at a nearby site in 1903 by William Ferguson.
  • The information sheet describes the range of fossils discovered at the site since modern digs began in 1992.
  • Dinosaur Dreaming field digs are conducted every year at the site uncovering fossil bones from many different animals, and many volunteers are involved in the annual dig.

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