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Image Scholl foot arch supports and inserts, 2003-04

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These are Scholl foot arch supports and inserts. They were manufactured from thermoplastic elastomer, cardboard and plastic by Bayly Design Associates, Victoria, between 2003 and 2004. The arch supports are clear flexible plastic. The inserts are kidney-shaped, and vary in colour and hardness. The blue inserts are stamped with the word 'medium' and the red with the word 'firm' (stamps not shown).

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  • Scholl arch supports are designed to provide support to fallen foot arches and to provide shock absorption to the heel area, longitudinal arch and metatarsal areas. It is the first commercially available orthotic that can be tailored to the user with an adjustable insert system. Each gel arch support has three kidney-shaped support inserts, which vary in hardness, density and elastic properties to meet therapeutic requirements. This feature allows the user to personalise each arch support and adjust the level of support over time.
  • The product is a highly aesthetic, stylish and functional alternative to the traditional mundane appearance of standard orthotics.
  • The arch supports are made from a thermoplastic elastomer, a type of plastic that combines the processing benefits of thermoplastic with the softness of rubber. This material is easier to process and more stable than traditional silicone-based elastomers. It can be injection moulded in one step and does not require a catalyst. The product's designers worked closely with the manufacturers and polymer suppliers to develop the manufacturing process.
  • The Scholl arch supports were designed by Bayly Design Associates, Blackburn, Victoria, Australia. SSL Australia first approached Bayly Design to design a soft-gel arch support in February 2002. The product was injection moulded by SSL Australia from polymer supplied by Kraton Polymers. The plastic is a thermoplastic elastomer consisting of a mixture of SEBS (styrene ethylene butylene styrene block copolymer), polypropylene and a food-grade white oil.
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