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Image Telstra T1000C rental telephone, 2003-04

TLF ID M000344

This is a Telstra T1000C rental telephone manufactured by Thomson Telecom Australia between 2003 and 2004. The grey plastic-and-metal telephone features blue push buttons and a spiral cord. There is an LCD screen in the upper right corner above the push buttons. Product information is stamped on the back (not shown).

Educational details

Educational value
  • This telephone is a redesign of the Telstra Touchfone, which was found in almost every Australian home during the early 2000s. Production volume of the Touchfone exceeded 700,000 per year. This model has a contemporary low profile and is designed to provide ease of use for all sectors of the community - for example, it includes volume adjustment to assist people with impaired hearing. A bracket can be used as a desk-stand or a wall-mount for easy installation. The telephone is designed to achieve a very high level of form and functionality while conforming to the demanding performance and cost constraints specified by Telstra.
  • Two models of the rental telephone were produced, the T1000S standard telephone with ten memory presets for automated dialling and the T1000C with call waiting and caller-number display features.
  • This telephone is a typical example of fixed-line telephone technology in 2005. Fixed-line telephony now experiences increased competition from other types of communications technologies. Mobile telephony and internet telephone technology, wired and fixed-line broadband internet technologies are alternatives to fixed-line telephones. The trend away from fixed-line telephones has resulted in Telstra experiencing a fall in its fixed-line market, which in 2005 represented 38 per cent of the company's revenue.

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