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Interactive resource

Making a difference: Yagan

Explore perspectives on Australia’s Indigenous heritage through photos and text about Yagan, a Noongar leader who lived in the Swan River region of Western Australia (c.1795–1833). Trace his story, including his conflicts with settlers and efforts to protect his people. Investigate how the government of the time handled ...

Interactive resource

Making a difference: Vincent Lingiari

Explore perspectives on Australia’s Indigenous heritage through photos and text about Vincent Lingiari. Trace his story, including the leadership of the Wave Hill walk-off and the struggle for land rights. Consider the hardship endured by Indigenous peoples living on Wave Hill cattle station. Investigate barriers Lingiari ...


'Stand alone' cartoon by Bruce Petty, 2006

This is a colour cartoon by Bruce Petty that comments on the 2006 Australian History Summit. It shows an Indigenous man standing alone in a desert setting with empty cans and a wrecked car nearby, holding an Aboriginal flag. A voice is heard from Parliament House in a background setting of Canberra with the night sky above, ...


Marn Grook, 1996: The game

This clip shows a compilation of images depicting Indigenous involvement in Australian Rules football over more than a hundred years. It includes black-and-white photographs of players, colour film excerpts from modern games, historical illustrations of early games and a silhouetted re-enactment showing Indigenous men playing ...


Batman Land Deed, 1835

This is a handwritten document in dark-brown ink on vellum, being one of two deeds signed by local Indigenous people and the Port Phillip Association in 1835. It is known as the 'Dutigalla' or 'Melbourne Deed'. The text begins with 'Know all Persons ...' in bold and encased in scrolls. In the lower right corner are eight ...


First Contact, 1983: 'Gramophone'

This clip shows the responses of Papua New Guinea Highlanders in the 1930s to a gramophone played to them by two Australian brothers, the Leahys. Michael Leahy's black-and-white photographs and film footage from the time show the Highlanders surrounding and looking at a gramophone. The 1983 filmmakers have edited a 1930s ...


After Mabo, 1997: Fiction of terra nullius

The clip shows Indigenous leaders Peter Yu and Noel Pearson discussing Indigenous rights to land and the native title legislation that was introduced by the Labor government under prime minister Paul Keating after the Mabo decision in 1992. It includes the government's rationale and a discussion of the effect on pastoral ...


The Redfern address given by prime minister Paul Keating, 1992

This is a recording of excerpts from an address by prime minister Paul Keating (1944-) in the inner-Sydney suburb of Redfern on 10 December 1992. Keating outlines what he describes as Australia's failure to extend opportunity, care, dignity and hope to its Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. He declares that ...

Teacher resource

Resistance - unit of work

In this unit students explore some of the ways museums tell stories of resistance by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to British colonisation. Students investigate the profound change the arrival of British colonists caused to the lives of Indigenous Australians. Through comparing text and perspective, students ...



This is a student resource about the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Four photographs in slideshow format reflect elements of Ramadan: the first Friday in Ramadan, food eaten during Ramadan in Dubai, Laylat al-Qadr - the holiest night of the year - being celebrated in Mecca, and Palestinians breaking their fast at Eid ul-Fitr ...


Lore of Love - Loved Up, 2005: Before white people

This clip begins with a Pintupi woman striding out in desert country in Western Australia and then cuts to black-and-white photographs of young Pintupi women and children in the 1960s, when they were living a traditional way of life. The clip includes narration from Jessie Bartlett, who describes the first contact her three ...


'Pacific Ocean, a native canoe meeting strangers off the Murray Islands', 1845

This is a watercolour by Edwin Augustus Porcher showing about 15 people in a large canoe that is powered by oars and two sails. The people are hailing or pointing at two Royal Navy vessels in the eastern Torres Strait near the Murray Islands. The title of the watercolour comes from an inscription on the mount. The work ...


Warren H Williams, the Stories, the Songs, 2004: Mbantua

This clip shows Arrernte recording artist Warren H Williams with non-Indigenous fellow musicians John Williamson and Ted Egan. Williamson sings part of his song 'A Thousand Feet' and Williams and Egan work on their song 'Mbantua'. Williams and Egan then are shown singing outside the Pine Gap Joint Defence Facility located ...


Whiteys Like Us, 1999: Myths, stereotypes and prejudice

This clip shows a group of non-Indigenous adults participating in a Reconciliation Learning Circle in Sydney, New South Wales. As participants sit and talk about an excursion to inspect Aboriginal carvings a narrator introduces some of those involved. The participants then take up the narrative and debate issues of reconciliation ...


Whiteys Like Us, 1999: Learning from international experience

This clip shows a group of adults participating in a Reconciliation Learning Circle in Sydney, New South Wales. The first scene shows members of the Learning Circle discussing the issue of Native Title. Following this, four group members - Sandy, Hugh, Lee and Darren - not only reveal what they feel they have learned during ...

Interactive Resource

Difference Differently: beliefs, then and now

This is a resource with four related sets of student activities that explore the role and legacy of religion and belief in historic societies. It explores sacred texts and religious events in different societies and time periods. It also uses historic source material about Jerusalem to explore religious conflict, and highlights ...