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Yulunga: parndo

This ball game was played by Aboriginal people in the vicinity of Adelaide (Kaurna language) in South Australia. The parndo (ball) was made with a piece of possum skin and was fairly flat in shape. This is a game of kicking the ball high into the air and attempting to catch it. The Yulunga: Traditional Indigenous Games ...


Yulunga: purlja

This was a popular and enjoyable ball game of the Walbiri people of central Australia and was usually played in spring. A purlja (ball) was made of hair-string with the inside containing crumbled pith — the stems and leaves of small soft plants and shrubs. The game was played by males who had reached puberty. Two teams ...


Yulunga: tjapu tjapu

A ball game was played by the Djinghali people of central Australia. The ball was made of grass tied tightly with string and covered with beeswax. It was kicked in the air and the team that kept it in the air and away from the other team won. Once the ball was kicked off players could not use their hands. This is a team ...


Yulunga: woggabaliri

Aboriginal people in places such as the Bogan and Lachlan River areas of New South Wales played ball games with a ball made of possum fur. This was usually spun by the women and made into a ball about five centimetres or more in diameter. The various types of games required great agility and suppleness of limbs to play ...