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Yellow promise, yellow peril: foreign postcards of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-05

This is a collection of online materials showing how picture postcards of the time presented the Russo-Japanese War and the Japanese combatants to the European public. The materials consist of: an illustrated essay by Professor John Dower; seven sets of postcards; a database of information about all 1905 postcards contained ...



This is a compilation of three teaching sequences about the use of landmines and their impact on people's lives. It includes sections on landmines and their dangers; the landmine problem in Cambodia; approaches to addressing the problems caused by landmines and assisting their survivors; and the work of the international ...


Gough Whitlam, prime minister 1972-75

This is a colour photograph of Edward Gough Whitlam, Australia's twenty-first prime minister. It shows him attending a United Nations convention during a tour of the USA in 1974.


Yellow promise, yellow peril: foreign postcards of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-05 - essay by John Dower

This is a historical essay by Professor John Dower about how the producers of picture postcards presented the Russo-Japanese War and its Japanese combatants to the purchasing public in Europe. The highly informative and richly illustrated essay contains four chapters and more than 140 postcards, some of which depict scenes ...


Throwing off Asia II: woodblock prints of the Sino-Japanese War, 1894-95 - visual narratives

This is a collection consisting of eight visual narratives or sets of Japanese woodblock prints. They present scenes from the Sino-Japanese War as imagined by Japanese printmakers and, in the process, they denigrate the Chinese foe. The visual narratives are organised around eight topics or themes: attacking and occupying ...


Throwing off Asia I: woodblock prints of domestic 'Westernization', 1868-1912 - essay by John Dower

This is a highly readable and informative historical essay about Japan's internal modernisation and Westernisation by John Dower, Professor of History at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It contains four chapters and is richly illustrated with 21 Japanese woodblock prints and one Italian lithograph. The chapters ...


Throwing off Asia lll: photographs and woodblock prints of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-05

This is a collection of online materials about the Russo-Japanese War and how it was depicted in woodblock prints within Japan and in photographs on both sides. The materials consist of: an illustrated essay by Professor John Dower; two sets of photographs and prints accompanied by text; a database of information about ...


Yokohama boomtown: foreigners in treaty-port Japan, 1859-72 - essay by John Dower

This is a richly illustrated historical essay about the consequences of the opening of Japan to the West and how the Japanese viewed foreigners at treaty ports such as Yokohama. Linked to various sections of the essay and making up the collection of online materials are: a companion set of materials entitled 'Black ships ...


Peace building

This is a compilation of six teaching sequences about peace building. It includes sections on what peace means; conflict resolution; difference; diversity; discrimination; human rights; peace building; and children in other places and their experiences of peace and conflict. The stories and photo essays that feature children ...


Staying healthy

This is a compilation of five teaching sequences about people's health in different parts of the world. It includes sections on factors that contribute to good and poor health; countries affected by malaria; health problems caused by dehydration; strategies for improving health and hygiene; ways to maintain hygienic practices; ...


Harold Holt, prime minister 1966-67

This is a black-and-white photograph of Harold Holt, Australia's seventeenth prime minister. It shows him alongside Lyndon Baines Johnson, the first US president to visit Australia, and 'First Lady' Lady Bird Johnson in October 1966.


British News No 2

This is a British News newsreel showing scenes of war and war-related activities from June 1940, in the weeks and days immediately before the fall of France during World War II. It contains 10 segments: Made in Australia; Indian Troops in Britain; The Queen Visits the Wounded; Royal Investiture; More Tanks; The Courage ...


Religion in late imperial China, 1644-1911

This online resource offers a comprehensive overview of the many forms of religion in late imperial China. It includes a detailed overview of religion under the following four headings: Religion in China: an overview; Popular religion and beliefs; Institutional religion: the three teachings; and Religion, the state and ...


Pacific Islanders in Australia

This is a unit of work about how Pacific Islander labourers were brought to Australia, how they were treated, and how Australian Pacific Islanders continue to contribute to Australian society today. Intended for years 9 and 10, the resource consists of four single- or multi-lesson activities, titled Australian Pacific Islanders; ...


The Globalising World: Changing policies and Australian identity

This is a unit of work about migration to Australia from 1945. It has a particular focus on how migration has shaped Australia as a nation over time. It has four teaching and learning sequences that explore: changes to Australia’s immigration policies including the dismantling of the White Australia Policy; reasons for ...


Unscrambling acronyms – Australia-Japan relations

This learning sequence explores significant international relations between Australia and Japan as understood through a collection of major treaties, organisations and rulings. After unscrambling the acronyms, students take on the role of an historian to offer a considered understanding of the continuity and change evidenced ...


Yellow promise, yellow peril: foreign postcards of the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-05 - visual narratives

This is a collection of seven sets of cartoon picture postcards depicting the Russo-Japanese War and the Japanese combatants. They were produced in Russia and other European countries during the war. The sets are organised around seven topics or themes: imperial designs: the nations at war; imperial designs: the nations ...


Digital stories of Immigration

This is a rich collection of digital stories about people who have immigrated to Victoria. The resource is presented in three sections: Introductory information; Story Objects; and Story Education Resources. There are 21 Story Objects that include images, videos, links, information, interviews and transcripts. There are ...


Sheet music cover for 'Columbia! Welcome!', 1908

This is the front cover of the music score for the song 'Columbia! Welcome! A Song of Greeting to the American Fleet', composed by Montague B Younger. The cover shows a line drawing of a US Navy warship, with the Australian and American flags behind. The three-page booklet was published in Sydney by W H Paling and Company in 1908.


Protest outside Australia House, London, 1935

This is a 11.9 cm x 8.6 cm black-and-white photograph of four people standing outside Australia House in London in 1935. They are holding signs protesting Australia’s treatment of British exservicemen. Some signs read 'AUSTRALIA Celebrate the Jubilee by giving Ruined British Exservice Settlers FULL JUSTICE', and 'DON’T ...