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Listed under:  Technologies  >  Design  >  Industrial design
Listed under:  Arts  >  Design  >  Industrial design

Sunshine Model 'A' tractor, c1918

This is a working model of a Sunshine Model 'A' tractor, manufactured by the H V McKay company in Sunshine, Victoria, in about 1918. Patented in 1916, the Model 'A' tractor was designed for use as the propulsion unit for a self-propelled stripper harvester, or as a stand-alone tractor. It is powered by a four-cylinder, ...


Model of reversible disc-plough, 1903

This is a model of single-furrow reversible disc-plough made by H V McKay Massey Harris Pty Ltd, Sunshine, Victoria. It is fitted with a seat, a pole and two wheels.


Model of Sunshine stripper harvester, 1899

This is an approximately one-fifth scale working model of a Sunshine stripper harvester, made at the Sunshine Harvester Works, Ballarat, Victoria in 1899. The model is 72 cm long x 109 cm wide x 86 cm high.


Model of reversible disc-plough, 1899

This is a model of an early form of single-furrow reversible disc-plough, made by H V McKay Massey Harris, Sunshine, Victoria. It is fitted with a bevel gear reversing mechanism, a seat and four wheels.


Model of disc cultivator, c1914

This is a model of a disc cultivator made by H V McKay Massey Harris, Sunshine, Victoria. It is fitted with foot steerage for the discs. It has wheels that can be angled to facilitate quick movement of the disc gangs when cultivating irregularly planted rows.


Model of stripper harvester, c1860

This is a model of a stripper, or reaping and threshing machine, manufactured by Joseph Nicholson, Carlton, Victoria, about 1860.


Model of push-type stripper, c1861

This is a wooden model of a push-type stripper made in about 1861.


Model of Mellor stripper harvester, c1880

This is a model of a Mellor stripper or pony reaper, manufactured by J F and F R Mellor, Adelaide, South Australia, in about 1880. The model is 46.0 cm long x 24.5 cm wide x 23.0 cm high.


Model of reversible disc-plough, pre-1938

This is a model of a single-furrow reversible disc-plough made by H V McKay Massey Harris, Sunshine, Victoria, before 1938. 


Happy Baby Gummy teethers, 2004

These are two Happy Baby Gummy teethers made of medical-grade silicone and food-grade polypropylene by Sanbrook Holdings, Victoria, in 2004. Both teethers have clear semi-circular handles and a clear arc-shaped section designed to fit around a baby's gums. In between is a coloured shield. The shield of one of the teethers ...


Oates 'All Australian Mop Bucket', 1991

This an 'All Australian Mop Bucket', manufactured from grey plastic by E D Oates Pty Ltd, Australia. The bucket is rectangular with straight sides, rounded corners, a wide flanged rim and a recessed handle incorporated into the base at one end to facilitate the pouring of used water. The carrying handle is coloured fluorescent ...


Splayd eating utensils, 1962

These are six stainless-steel Splayd eating utensils. They were designed by William McArthur and manufactured by Stokes (Australasia) Ltd, Japan, in 1962.


Fitpack syringe container and disposable syringes, 1991

This is a Fitpack syringe container and disposable syringes. The container is rectangular and made from matte black plastic (polypropylene). At the top is a self-hinged click-fit lid with an instructional label adhered to the inside. Unused packaged disposable syringes (partly visible) are housed within a single large compartment. ...


Mixmaster Compact food mixer, c2002-03

This is a Mixmaster Compact food mixer with packaging and instructions, manufactured from plastic and metal by Sunbeam Corporation. It features a combined removable handmixer with separately powered stand. The food mixer has two motors (one in the removable handmixer and a second driving the rotating bowl). There are no ...


Sunbeam Café-series four-slice toaster, 2004

This is a stainless-steel and die-castmetal Sunbeam Café-series toaster manufactured by Sunbeam Corporation, China, in 2004. At the top are four wide bread slots. On one of the long sides, there are two levers and two browning knobs with numbers from one to six printed on them. There are also two pairs of buttons labelled ...


Victa Razor lawnmower, 2004

These is a 2004 Victa Razor lawnmower with a Victa VSX160 two-stroke petrol engine. The lawnmower has an alloy chassis and a blue plastic catcher with grey-and-black trim. 'VICTA' is printed in black on each side of the catcher and printed in grey between the front wheels.


Kambrook 'Axis' electric kettle, 1996

This is a grey and white plastic cylindrical 'Axis' cordless kettle on a detachable base, with handle and detachable lid. The base has a power cord for connecting to a wall socket. It was manufactured from plastic and metal by Kambrook, Melbourne. On the side of the kettle is the word 'Axis' in a red oval-shaped logo.


Cox Stockman lawn tractor, 2005

This is a red and grey Cox Stockman 2005 ride-on lawn mower, manufactured from mixed materials by Cox Industries (Australia) Pty Ltd, Queensland. It features four black rubber tyres, an internal steel chassis, front-mounted engine, mid-mounted seat and driver control area and rear-drive axle. The external body is made mostly ...


'Razor Jr Scuttlebug' tricycle, 2005

This is a 'Razor Jr Scuttlebug' tricycle with packaging, manufactured from plastic, metal, cardboard and paper, designed by Ideation Design, Melbourne, Victoria and made by Funtastic Ltd, China. It features a blue plastic seat, handle and wheels and stainless steel tubing. The three wheels fold in under the seat for transport ...


Concept sketch for Breville 800 Class Citrus Press, 2003

This is an early concept sketch of a Breville 800 Class Citrus Press, pencil on paper by designer Keith Hensel at Breville Design - Housewares International, New South Wales, 2003.