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Growing apples

Do you like eating apples? This clip shows where apples are grown. Learn how the apple farmer (orchardist) looks after the apple trees so they can grow lots of healthy fruit.


Picking oranges

This is an excerpt from a government-produced documentary about the orange industry made in 1937 by the Cinema Branch of the Department of Commerce. It shows a group of Australian orange pickers demonstrating the care needed in picking and packing the fruit - a point that is emphasised in the soundtrack.


Red Cross women bottling during the First World War

This is a silent black-and-white film clip of Red Cross volunteers bottling fruit during the First World War. A medium-distance shot shows women in caps and aprons selecting, peeling and cooking fruit in vats or coppers and pouring it into bottles, followed by a close-up of women stirring the vat, filling bottles and applying ...


George Wilkins's fruiterer's truck, 1926

This is a 1926 photograph showing a man, probably George Wilkins, standing beside his truck and a child seated inside the cab.


Department of Commerce poster, 1942

This is a black-and-white poster from the Second World War encouraging readers to serve Australian lamb, bacon, apples and pears, dairy produce and wine at their dinner tables to support the war effort. The poster was issued by the Department of Commerce, and produced by the Commonwealth Advertising Division in 1942. The ...


Watercolour painting of 'Blenheim Farm', 1856

This is a watercolour painting measuring 53 cm x 45 cm and painted in a 'naive' style by an unidentified artist in 1856. It shows 'Blenheim Farm', established by John and Jemima Ward who arrived in South Australia as assisted immigrants in 1852. There is a two-room stone cottage, newly cleared land and some of the first ...


Chinese workers on banana punts near Innisfail, early 1900s

This black-and-white photograph shows three Chinese workers transporting bananas on a punt near Innisfail in northern Queensland. The Chinese workers are wearing traditional dress and conical hats and the punt is laden with boxes and stalks of bananas. At the bow of the small flat-bottomed punt two of the men push long ...


Kerry Alcock describes his Cyclone Larry experience, 2008

This is an edited sound recording of a Queensland banana grower, Kerry Alcock, describing the devastation wrought by Cyclone Larry on his family business plantation in March 2006. Alcock tells how his crop was totally destroyed and how a new crop had to be planted from scratch using about 65,000 'suckers'. He also points ...


Banana crops ruined by Cyclone Larry, Innisfail, 2006

This black-and-white photograph shows part of a banana plantation crop destroyed by Cyclone Larry near Innisfail in Queensland on 20 March 2006. Many of the banana trees are flattened and there are leaves and fruit lying on the ground.

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This video playlist, produced by the Asia Education Foundation, features a series of videos showing Australians talking about their intercultural experiences working in and with China. These clips include interviews with people working in a variety of employment sectors such as fashion, farming, manufacturing and design ...

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Science learning: artificial pollination

This is a web resource providing a video and transcript about research into the pollination of kiwifruit by honey bees and artificially. A research scientist explains what artificial pollination is, why it is needed for kiwifruit and the method used. Footage shows a researcher working on kiwifruit vines and in the laboratory, ...

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Science learning: avocado research

This is a web resource providing a video and transcript about the pollination of avocado flowers. The video focuses on research aiming to increase fruit production from pollination by honey bees. A research scientist describes how avocado flowers change sex daily to avoid self-pollination and explains that pollination by ...

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A Year on a Farm: producer video

This is a video about operation of an organic orchard near Kalangadoo in South Australia and the commitment to biodiversity of its owners Michelle and Chris McColl. Michelle McColl describes and illustrates the annual cycle of work with the trees and fruit while discussing the economic and agronomical advantages of the ...

Interactive Resource

How does your garden grow?

This Stage 2 resource grew from a conversation between young students questioning why they could still buy grapes if they were out of season. This wondering led to a discussion around when we grow certain fruit and vegetables. The original stimulus was extended to cover planting for the seasons and factors that influence ...