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Fire Guardians, 1932: A fire emergency

This black-and-white clip from 1932 shows a re-creation of the New South Wales Fire Brigade fighting a large fire and then returning home. The firefighters train their hoses high. They are filmed from different vantage points within the burning shell of the building. Music swells as the firemen, seemingly unaffected by ...

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What a disaster - unit of work

Students investigate and explain how the landscape is shaped by nature, and the difference between a 'harmless' event and one that is termed a 'disaster'. They investigate the cause and effects of a particular phenomenon and offer an explanation of these. They also develop advertising materials for implementing emergency ...


Dennis Tamini fire truck, 1932

This is a Dennis Tamini fire truck with a four-cylinder overhead-valve engine, made by Dennis Bros, England, in 1932. The exterior of the truck is painted red with gold trim decoration. The front of the truck comprises a box-shaped grille with a pair of circular fog lights and arching wheel covers. On either side are a ...


Australian surfboat used by North Curl Curl lifesavers, 1972

This is a single-ender surfboat, the Nola Hubbard, constructed in 1972 in New South Wales and used by the North Curl Curl Surf Life Saving Club. It is made of cedar, silver ash and plywood, and has a brass keel band. The unused oars shown here are stored on top of four wooden bench seats. The name has been painted in yellow ...


'Sycamore Civil and Military Helicopter' booklet, 1956

This is an illustrated 20-page booklet produced by the Bristol Aeroplane Company in 1956 to promote the Sycamore helicopter, one of the earliest commercially successful British helicopter designs. Instructional diagrams and mostly black-and-white photographs are included, and some colour is used in both text and illustrations.


Man digging air-raid shelter in backyard, Auburn, 1940s

This is a black-and-white photograph of a man using a shovel to dig an air-raid shelter in the backyard of a family house in Auburn, Melbourne, during the Second World War. The hole the man is working on is to be lined with wood. A wooden frame is constructed above the hole.


Letter to Flight Lieutenant Graham Conning from Corporal Alan Jenkins, 15 July 1945

This is a five-page letter, handwritten in ink on Japanese tissue paper ruled with red lines. Each page is landscape format and has a bold, red border with two kanji characters (Japanese script) printed in red at left above and three below. Each sheet measures 18 cm long x 25.2 cm wide.


Beechcraft Queenair B80 air ambulance, 1966

This twin-engine aircraft was the first official air ambulance to operate in NSW. It was built by the Beech Aircraft Corporation of the USA in 1966.

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Lessons from Cyclone Yasi help future planning

Cyclone Yasi tore through Queensland's Cassowary Coast in 2011. As the largest cyclone to hit the region, it left towns like Tully and Mission Beach with a massive reconstruction task. Recently, the focus of local communities has turned to reducing their vulnerability to future cyclone events. This clip looks at the lessons ...

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Aftermath of a typhoon: a child's view

Listen as a boy from the Philippines reports on the effects of a typhoon on his country and its people. While the level of devastation might at first seem overwhelming, our young reporter manages to find hope for those who were lucky enough to survive.

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Surfies, clubbies and a changing way of life

What effect did the rise of surfboard riding and its accompanying surf culture have on surf lifesaving? In the early 1960s, surf lifesaving was regarded as a model of the values that underpin the Australian way of life. This clip from 1964 explores the collision between the new surf culture and the traditions of the surf ...

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Australian Disaster Resilience Knowledge Hub: Australian disasters

This is a curated collection of articles, photographs and internet links related to natural, technological and human-caused events including bushfires, cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes, shipwrecks, urban fires, chemical and industrial events in Australia. Events included have posed a serious threat to a community or property ...

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Community project helps Grantham recover

The small town of Grantham suffered severe damage after being hit by flash flooding during Queensland's 2010-11 floods. The Grantham Butter Factory played an important role in the immediate aftermath of the flood. Watch this clip to find out how it helped the community through the disaster and has since been restored and ...

Interactive resource

Job match: save the day

Meet a range of people at community scenes. Select people best suited to put out a house fire, provide medical care and redesign a damaged house. Choose people according to their abilities, not by their appearances. Gather information to make good decisions. In these situations, only one person is suited to each task. This ...

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Discovering democracy: the wealth of a nation

Interact with a slideshow of images and text to examine the stages in Australia’s economic growth in the last half of the 19th century. Explore the kinds of industries from which Australia gained its wealth and the role of these industries in developing an independent nation. Review the effects that natural disasters (such ...

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Job match: choose the characters

Meet a range of people gathered at community scenes. Select people best suited to cook for a party, put out a house fire, provide medical care and resdesign a damaged house. Choose people according to their abilities, not their appearances. Gather information to make good decisions. In most of these situations, only one ...

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Job match: choose the cast

Meet a range of people gathered at community scenes. Select people best suited to put out a house fire, provide medical care, rebuild a damaged house and cook for a party. Choose people according to their abilities, not their appearances. Gather information to make good decisions. In these situations, more than one person ...

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Discovering democracy: separate colonies, one destiny

View a slideshow of images and text to explore the foundation and development of the six colonies. Identify the main stages of growth and the distinctive nature of each colony. Examine how each colony was fiercely protective of its rights and the consequences of inter-colonial rivalry. Investigate the economic and social ...

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Graphing: pie graphs and column graphs

Follow step-by-step demonstrations of how to build pie charts and column graphs.

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Explore soil [no spoken instructions]

Explore a soil scene. Select living things and weather features and see their impact on the soil. Look at the interactions between animals, plants and soil. Follow instructions on how to build a soil environment at home.