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Listed under:  Society  >  Ethics  >  Business ethics

'Scientific whaling' cartoon by Pat Campbell, 2006

This is a colour-wash sketch by Pat Campbell that comments on the of killing of whales for scientific purposes by Japan. It shows a ship with a whale harpoon gun in the shape of a microscope operated by two Japanese men. Further information is available for this resource.


Paying for the Past, 2000: 'Work or die'

This clip shows that during the Second World War German industry profited from the exploitation of slave and forced labourers, and refers to class action suits that survivors have brought against these companies. It combines voice-over, black-and-white photographs of labourers in factories, interviews with two survivors, ...


Four Corners - Blue Death, 1988: It could have been avoided

This clip shows, through black-and-white archival film and photographs and colour interviews, the dangers of asbestos exposure and that asbestos-related illness and death could have been avoided in Australia. The early scenes show the covers of medical reports from 1898, 1930 and 1955, superimposed on images of workers ...


Four Corners - The Kilwa Incident, 2005: 'I know nothing'

This clip shows part of an interview with Bill Turner, CEO of Anvil Mining, about the suppression of a rebellion in Kilwa, a town in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), in October 2004. The clip opens with lawyer Richard Meeran explaining a point of Australian law. This is followed by footage of Anvil's mining operation ...

Interactive Resource

Sustainable seafood guide: app for iPad

This app provides an assessment of the sustainability of a wide range of seafood species commonly consumed in Australia. It includes information about farming and fishing techniques, issues relating to ecosystems and endangered species, and a ranking system for canned tuna. This app contains two guides: Sustainable seafood ...


Banking on Shaky Ground

This is a teaching and learning resource about the role of, and risks for, the 'Big Four' Australian banks in investing in overseas companies making land grabs to support their production supply chains in countries such as Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia. The resource consists of an eBooklet presenting ...

Interactive Resource

Sites2See – ethics and the chocolate business

One page resource that addresses NSW Stage 6 Business Studies syllabus outcomes. It looks at aspects of operations and corporate social responsibility using the chocolate industry as a focus.