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Sports motion

This four and a half minute video segment from Catalyst provides an example of how a datalogger can be used to monitor aspects of an athlete's motion and technique. It gives examples of how science and technology interact to benefit training for a range of sports.


Yulunga: gorri

Bowling-ball or disc games were played by Aboriginal boys and men in all parts of Australia. A piece of rounded bark (disc) was rolled by one of the players for the other boys to use as a target for their short spears. A version of this activity is still played in the Kimberley area and Northern Territory (and perhaps elsewhere) ...


Yulunga: apwerte

Accounts from various parts of Australia outline bowling-type games using rounded stones. A game of rolling stones was played near Warrina in central Australia. Another rolling game was observed being played on a river flat at Goondiwindi in Queensland. Men used to roll the stones as far as they could to show their strength, ...